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The Golden Heart of Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a prominent entrepreneur who has made it in life while still young. He’s also a philanthropist having started the Greg Secker Foundation to help people. To add on that, Greg is an international speaker as well. Greg is the founder of the Knowledge to Action Group which is an umbrella of other companies such as Learn to Trade, The Greg Secker Foundation, Capital Index and SmartCharts Software. The different companies have their unique roles and responsibilities. The organizations are dedicated to providing several services to the people including education, support, coaching, and strategy. Greg has an incredible passion for helping others succeed in life.

Greg Secker did agriculture in school but still learned coding programs on his own. He started pursuing his career in Thomas Cook Financial services. Since Greg was brilliant with coding programs, he joined the foreign exchange business to manage a new company called the Virtual Trading Desk. The firm was unique because it offered the first online trading platform. Greg’s career became famous, and he became the Vice President of a different company called Mellon Financial Corporation. With time Secker became exposed to some of the most prominent traders globally. Greg acquired new strategies that boosted his account to a higher level that he decided to continue the work in the comfort of his home. Three months later Greg started the Learn to Trade, and within a short time, the company had expanded to areas like London, South Africa, Philippines, and Australia.

The company has received several awards for being the Best Educator. Knowledge to Action as a whole has also been awarded several times. Greg is recognized as the Top 200 Most Influential Philanthropist. The Greg Secker Foundation has helped many young people acquire skills that are essential in life. According to a recent interview, Greg explained that his ideas came out of boredom. Most of his thoughts came when he was working at home. Secker also stated that his plans become successful because of his passion. He is an international speaker who motivates young investors and gives them the tips that helped him make it in life. Greg also said that he always gives himself time to think for him to come up with better ideas.