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Robin Williams A Merry Friggin’ Christmas To Be Released

Though Williams is no longer with us, his latest movie will be released in theaters this month. A Christmas based movie, this one is a mix of good laughs and plenty of drama. It is along the lines of the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and the Bad Santa. Throw that together with a mixture of comedic parodies like are in Home Alone, and Merry Friggin’ Christmas is bound to be another holiday hit.

Whether the movie is good or bad probably isn’t going to make much difference. The fact that this is one of the last movies Williams ever made, toppled with his tragic death, will surely send moviegoers to the theater in droves. Williams was a well respect and loved man. His fans felt helpless when he died and this tragedy is something they are not sure how to deal with. Suicide is a difficult topic in general, let alone someone who seemingly had everything going for him.

Though critics are rating the movie a D+, it seems that all the good movies that I enjoy are often dissed by staunch criticism, especially when I’m enjoying them with some wine from The Antique Wine Company. I for one am looking forward to watching one of the final performances of a man I respected and admired. He has made me laugh for decades, and once more I will head to the theater to see one of the best actors to ever come to Hollywood do what he did best, act. It will be grim to take my family to the movies, to see a man who is only alive now in memories.