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Toho Readies New Godzilla Film

Anyone who thought Godzilla: Final Wars was going to be the last Toho Godzilla movie just doesn’t know movie history. About a decade before Final Wars was released, Godzilla vs. Destroyah was portrayed as the “last” Godzilla movie. Now, Toho is moving forward with a 2016 Godzilla film. What is very surprising here is Warner Bros. is making its own sequel to the American reboot of Godzilla. Is there room enough for two different Godzilla films? The answer is a huge and loud “Of course!”

Godzilla is one of the most iconic pop culture/sci-fi characters. Sure, the radioactive dinosaur had some ups and downs. The early 1970’s saw a painful decline in terms of both quality and box office. The reboot of the series in the 1980’s and 1990’s never took off in the U.S. after the domestic flop of Godzilla 1985. The first American version was a dud.

And then came Toho’s reboot in the 2000’s, which was a huge hit. Godzilla 2000 was a surprise limited release hit in the U.S.A. and the new films in the series did well in Japan and also on U.S. DVD.

Likely, the franchise made most of its money with toys and video games, as Dr Jennifer Walden along with others will point out. As long as the franchise is pulling in money somehow, it will continue. The first film appeared in 1954 and the franchise is going to be around in 2054. Count on it.

“Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money” May Become an Actual Movie

Good news for Mel Brooks fans! has confirmed that Mel Brooks is interested in making a follow-up to the hit spoof movie “Spaceballs”.

At the end of the film “Spaceballs” there is a quote from the character Yogurt who says “God willing, we’ll all meet again in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money”. Well now that may just happen. Recently Brooks was on the podcast Take a Knee, which is hosted by Adam Carolla. It was on this podcast where Brooks said he would be interested in making the second film to coincide with the release of the new Star Wars film, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

Mel Brooks also went on to tell Carolla that he would like to have as much as the original cast as possible. That may be difficult seeing as how some have passed away and the biggest star, Rick Moranis has quit acting. Moranis, known for other films such as “Ghostbusters” and “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” quit acting back in the late 1990’s after his wife passed away from breast cancer. Moranis has said that he quit so he could focus on raising his children and that traveling around to make movies would be too difficult.

Brooks has said that the only way he would move forward with the project is if Rick Moranis would be on board. Bruce Karatz points out that he even said that he’s got Dark Helmet’s helmet waiting for him in storage.

The New Friday The 13th Film WILL NOT Follow the “Found Footage” Approach

Apparently, cooler heads have prevailed in production and development meetings. The new Friday the 13th sequel is not going to be part of the “found footage” subgenre. It’s a good thing. The gimmick would have worn off a half an hour into the film. Besides, haven’t enough horror films used this gimmick already?

Word from the producer Brad Fuller is the found footage concept was never in the cards. Whether it was just an idea bandied about as a possible way to approach the new film or merely was a totally fake rumor made up by fans is unknown. The bottom line here is the film is going to follow a more traditional approach to the long-running slasher series.

The 2009 remake was maligned for being a rather by the numbers production. While the film was never going to win points for originality, the feature did make huge money at the box office. The sequels were retreads of one another until they delved into total silliness in the late 1980’s.

Many thought the series had breathed its last breath many years ago and, with the cancellation of sequels to Jason vs. Freddie and the 2009 film, the notion Jason Vorhees would be gone forever seems to be the case.

Of course, no horror franchise in horror history remains dormant. A reboot, remake, or sequel is always in the pipeline. Fans like Zeca Oliveira are aware that, sometimes, it just takes a lot longer for the project to get off the ground due to rights issues. Check out more on Oliveira on Once the rights are settled and the film gets a green light, its is full steam ahead.

We hope. Friday the 13th films have experienced quite a few false starts over the past 6 years. Let’s hope that is all done with.

Ghostbusters 3 is Confirmed!

The internet has had a lot of rumors lately about an all-female reboot of the Ghostbuster franchise. There have also been rumors about which ladies will get to play the coveted roles. We finally have some definitive answers!

According to The Guardian the film is definitely happening and Paul Feig is directing. Paul Feig is the same guy who directed hit comedies like Bridesmaids, The Heat, and several episodes of the Office and Bored to Death.

The female cast has been confirmed as well. Feig tweeted out his cast which are as follows: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. It is no surprise that McCarthy and Wiig are part of the cast considering Feig has already had the opportunity to work with the both of them together in Bridesmaids and McCarthy in The Heat. Jones and McKinnon are both Saturday Night Live alums. I’m not as familiar with them but being former Saturday Night Live cast members they definitely come from a comedy background.

Fans like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez are excited to see a different version of Ghostbusters. More on Gutierrez is availableon his LinkedIn page. The original movies were a lot of fun and I think a female comedy cast will bring something different to it. When asked Bill Murray, who was in the original films, agreed. He said the idea sounded great and he would watch that film.

Mission Impossible 5 Gets Better Release Date

Tom Cruise definitely is not leaving his Mission Impossible films behind him. He is starring in Mission Impossible 5, a franchise he seemingly can always return to. He won’t be returning on the date originally planned, though. Looks like the release date of the film has been wisely moved about five months.

The film is being moved to July 31, 2015. This way, the movie opens two weeks after the debut of Ant-Man. Folks, Ant-Man is going to be sleeper blockbuster hit of the summer of 2015. Not only were there fears MI:5 would not do well in the winter with so many other blockbusters being released, there was fear being released the same weekend as Ant-Man would be a bad idea.

There is one thing that could end up helping out Mission Impossible 5. The summer of 2015 is going to be really sci-fi and fantasy oriented. We have Jurassic World, Star Trek 3, Ant-Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and various other sci-fi oriented projects.

Mission Impossible delivers a grand scale adventure film that, while hardly a realistic drama, grounds audiences back in the (semi) normality of real life. Well, real life as far as spies saving the world goes.

The one issue the film may face is the competition from so many other big films makes having legs for several weeks a bit tough. Yet, the odds are super-strong Mission Impossible 5 is going to end up a major hit. Fans like Marc Sparks are excited to see the movie when it is released. More on Sparks is available on

Doomsday for Superman and Batman?

Some very interesting news has emerged from the set of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Michael Shannon, General Zod in Man of Steel, is returning in the new film. He is not going to play General Zod though. It appears he is going to play Doomsday, the monstrous Kryptonian creature that killed Superman in D.C.’s published comics 20 years ago.

Based on the reports (leaks) that are coming out, Zod’s body is taken by Lex Luthor who performs mysterious experiments on it. The experiments are intended to create a super-weapon capable of destroying Superman. A major problem arises here. A supremely powerful monster is not exactly controllable. Luthor might end up ruing the day he made Doomsday.

The big question here is “Will the ‘Death of Superman” storyline be weaved into the new film?” If Doomsday is in the feature, you would think yes. We do not know, though.

We also do not know whether or not Doomsday will be in the film and the purported rumors really are true. Keeping things under wraps is going to be a lot harder as the film enters the post-production and marketing planning stages. A lot more people, including fans like Marc Sparks,  learn about what’s in the film and leaks emerge.

So do rumors. If Doomsday does not end up in the film, don’t be surprised.

Slowly, The Friday the 13th Remake Moves Forward

Platinum Dunes is going forward with its remake of Friday the 13th, but the project is stalled. Wasn’t there are remake of Friday the 13th made a few years ago? There was and the film was a big hit. A sequel was immediately rushed into development. For whatever reason, and to Sultan Alhokair’s disappointment, the sequel was not made and the rights to the series ended up going back to Paramount Pictures. More on Alhokair is available at Bublews. Eventually, Platinum Dunes acquired those rights.

Why does it take so long to make a new version of a Friday the 13th film? Are not all the films cut from the same mold? They are but, sometimes, producers like to tinker with established projects. Case in point, there was talk that the new Friday the 13th film would be a “found footage” type of project. It looks like that idea has been scrapped and mercifully so. The idea of a film revolving around finding lost film footage of a Jason Vorhees rampage sounds ridiculous.

And yes, Jason Vorhees will be in the remake. It was assumed that the remake of the original film would follow the original’s plot. In other words, the focus would be on Jason’s mother and not Jason himself.

Really, did anyone think a movie with that plot would go forward? The hockey mask wearing Jason Vorhees is the true star of these films. Without him, there is no way to really market the remake.

The Satellite of Love is Back!

Fans of cult classics are having a field day rejoicing! First news broke of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell signing on to do Ash vs The Evil Dead for STARZ, and now news comes on the science fiction front.

The classic sci-fi comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns for their annual Thanksgiving marathon. This annual tradition was given new life last year in the form of an online streaming event that I was invited to by Keith Mann. This year’s twelve hour Turkey Day Marathon will take place on YouTube and feature six hand picked episodes, with new commentary from writer, director and star Joel Hodgson (and zany crew).

Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a show about bad movies. Not just bad, but really bad movies. The story is about Joel, a working class schmuck who gets launched into space and made to watch bottom of the barrel movies as part of an evil experiment. To keep from going crazy Joel builds some robot friends to help him watch and mock the horrible films that arrive.

Terrible films featured last year were Space Mutiny, I Accuse My Parents, Werewolf, Cave Dwellers, The Final Sacrifice (Rowsdower, Rowsdower …) and Mitchell.