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It Would Be a Crime to Live Without Lime Crime

If seductive and dramatic is how you like your makeup applique then Lime Crime on is for you. The once little known company has proliferated to become one of the most desired and sought after makeup lines in the industry. The line is complete with extraordinary colors of lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes.

What can Lime Crime do for you? How about giving you a soft, pouty look with Airborne Unicorn? An intense but bodacious pink lipstick. Add a layer of No She Didn’t to both the upper and bottom centers of your lips. You now have a dramatic and yet a tantalizing contrast of blue juxtaposed with the luscious pink. Talk about adding a little drama to your life. You’ll find the right color for you whether it’s one of the Unicorn Lipsticks with 20 different color options, the Velvetines’ liquid to matte with 16 choices of colors or the Carousel Gloss collection with five gloriously, glittery shades.

It doesn’t stop there. You will be filled with excitement when you see all the possibilities the eye collection has to offer. Illustrious eyeliners like Citreuse, Blue Milk and Lunar Sea will allow you to line your eyes with some of the most divergent and intense colors available. The Zodiac Glitter will blow your mind when you see the tremendous amount of glitter included in these colors. The versatility of the glitter is amazing. You can line your eyes with the deep blue glitter called Aquarius. Glit your lip with the deep pink glitter called Sagitarius and add a punch of glitter to your nails with Ophiuchus.

Your beauty regimen wouldn’t be complete without something for your nails. With five different colors to choose from you can create some knockout nail designs. Maybe some Pastelchio with Parfait Day dots to create a fun, beachy look is just what you need. Or stripe it out with several colors like Peaches and Cream, Crema De Limon and Once In a Blue Moose. Regardless, the options are many and the potential to create the best look in you is waiting for you at Visit the Lime Crime website to see some great designs for your eyes, lips and nails.

The best things about it all? All Lime Crime products are cruelty and vegan free. Not only are you taking care of you but you are also protecting the animals in our world by using a PETA verified vegan product.

Brian Mulligan Goes From High School Musicals To Opera Star

The path to opera star is not one that is well known by members of the public, but the inspiring story of baritone Brian Mulligan may just inspire some more U.S. based children to strike out into the world of opera. Mulligan is now one of the top voices in the opera world from his base in San Francisco and has recently been achieving critical acclaim for his performance as former U.S. President Richard Nixon in the modern opera Nixon In China. Unlike many who take to the opera stage, Mulligan had little knowledge of the art form until he was introduced to it as a teenager by a high school teacher and vocal coach.

Mulligan’s performance in Nixon In China has taken him many years to perfect and shows off the acting skills that are becoming increasingly as important as the singing talent of those involved in opera. The Irish ancestry Mulligan has grown up steeped in was important in his youth living in New York State, but had little impact on his musical career, apart from offering him the chance to learn to play the fiddle. It was not until Brian Mulligan auditioned for a high school musical that his singing career began to be taken seriously after his music teacher persuaded him to pursue vocal training to improve his baritone voice.

Aided by his high school music teacher, Mulligan embarked upon vocal training with New York based teacher Todd Geer who guided the singer away from musicals and towards the opera. Despite the success the singer has achieved in recent times as an opera star he has also kept on eye on the world of musicals and harbors ambitions to become a Broadway star in the more operatic musical productions. Amongst the performances Brian Mulligan would like to give are roles in the Sweeney Todd musical and Carousel, but for now his critically acclaimed performance as President Nixon will be the one he remains best known for.

New Startup FreedomPop Raises $30 Million With Plans to Become a Billion Dollar Company

In an article originally published on Tech Crunch, it was said that FreedomPop has raised another $30 million in funding that will help take the company to another level. FreedomPop is a global mobile business with a single mission in mind – to make mobile internet, texting, and calling free and readily available to the entire world. In addition to offering these free services, FreedomPop upsells extra, premium services that clients can buy.

Throughout the past few months, there have been many rumors about M&A funding the company, and those offers have clearly been rejected, as Freedom Pop has chosen to fund themselves independently. Rather than sell the company, CEO Stephen Stokols says that the company is now on the way to becoming with a billion dollar company, with plans to raise another $50-$100 million in the next year.

FreedomPop will get much of it’s funding from both the United States and other countries. As of right now, the company is growing at approximately 25% each quarter, and is even projected to reach Ebitda later in the year.

Steven Stokols even said that Freedom Pop is on track to have one million users in the United States by the end of this year, and is currently in the process of growing it’s international customer base.

FreedomPop differs from other mobile carriers, because other companies tend to buy minutes, data, and messages in bulk rather than buying only what their customers will use. On the other hand, FreedomPop ensures that their customers are only paying for exactly what they use, because they are able to mediate different usage tiers. This new approach is not only cost-effective; it is far less wasteful. Other companies are even beginning to replicate this new idea, such as RingPlus from Sprint.

The Antique Wine Company: Authentic in Wine Production

Many people think that one has to be very sophisticated or classy, so as to enjoy the wines from The Antique Wine Company. In some situations, this might be true, but everybody can enjoy the wines despite the background.
The AWC was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, who really loved the taste of a good wine just like any other sommelier. The love of good wine can be one major factor that contributed to the success of the company. Ever since the company was founded, it has ensured that all its wines are authentic. The wine is handled with the utmost care so that sommerliers cannot face any disappointed. The verification of the company’s wine is done in a number of ways.
Any sommerlier knows that age is a very important actor when it comes to wines. Age is also one area that customers are cheated by a number of fraudulent wine companies. A thorough and careful process is done to make sure that a 15 year old wine, for example Furmint it’s not a counterfeit and it is actually of that age. For this reason wine from The Antique Wine Company go through ion beam analysis to verify their age. The beam can tell expert how old the wine and the glass are. The use of the beam is a scientific process so the margin of error is very minimal.
Another area where the wine is handled with utmost care is when it is being shipped. The Antique Wine Company has made sure that their customers who order through the online website do to not suffer at all. During shipping the wine is carefully concealed inside the package. Only quality shipments providers are contracted to do this job. This is because wine is very sensitive to room temperature, and its flavors can be easily get ruined. The outside temperature is also kept away from the shipment package.