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Beneful: A wonderful dog food purchase

Buying dog food can often be a drag. It is hard to decipher between all of the options and choices when it comes to type of food or which nutrients are truly a necessity. Choosing between grain free or foods that suggest real beef and vegetables can be daunting and overwhelming. How many times have you stood in the middle of the super market looking at all the brands of dog food only to find yourself mesmerized by the marketing of the most colorful bags? It happens more often that not.

Choosing a dog food does not have to be hard. Think about what you consume to maintain a healthy diet and try to do the same for your pup. A healthy diet of vegetables and high quality meat will satisfy your dog’s hunger and help support their immune system, skin, and coat. You do not need to worry yourself with purchasing gourmet Beneful dry dog food that costs at least twice as much as a great food such as Beneful. At Walmart, you can purchase a 15 pound bag of Beneful for less than $14 to learn more: click here.

Beneful Should Be The First Choice Of All Pet Owners

A pet owner needs to know how important it is to give their dog good food, and they need to be concerned about the kind of food that they put into their dog’s stomach. Every dog will eat food that’s given to them as long as it’s something they like. Even though dogs will eat almost anything, this doesn’t mean that the dog is supposed to eat everything they get. Dogs get the best nutrition by eating foods from Beneful that were meant for dogs, but the problem is that there are different kinds of dog foods. Many manufacturers out there are creating different dog foods every day.

It can be puzzling to make a final choice of a dog food, especially if the pet owner has a dog that may be picky when it comes to eating food in the first place. It may sound a bit funny, but dogs can be picky about what they eat, just like humans are. A dog might smell a dog food that’s in front of them, and they may turn their nose up to it, and they may even walk away from the food. If a dog gets food that they don’t like, then it’s possible that there is something wrong with the food.

When buying dog food, a pet owner must always check the expiration date, especially since expired food can make a dog sick. Believe it or not, some grocery stores will keep food on the shelf for so long that they don’t realize it has expired. If expired food is purchased by a dog owner, then they are likely to feed it to their dog, and the pet owner may never check the expiration date. The same way a person may buy something from the grocery store and not check to see if it’s expired is the same way they may buy dog food.

Although dog food should be fresh, giving a dog expired food may not be the reason why the dog prefers not to eat the food that they are given. Maybe the dog wants a different kind of food that they would enjoy more. A good pet owner will want to shop around for different dog foods, but many pet owners already have a number one choice of dog food that they’ll give to their dog. Lots of pet owners are choosing to feed their dog Beneful these days, and Beneful is a good choice because of all the nutrition that it gives a dog.

Dogs want to be as healthy and happy as any human being, but a dog must have good food to be happy and healthy. Beneful is a great dog food, and Beneful is one of the most chosen dog foods of any brand out there today. Beneful didn’t become a top-selling dog food by making food that dogs or their owners didn’t like. Many dogs love the taste of Beneful, and dog owners appreciate the nutritional value and real ingredients that Beneful has.

Beneful Brand Dog Food has Long History of Unique Advertising

Beneful is a brand of wet and dry dog food that is owned by Nestle Purina Petcare. According to wikipedia was first introduced into the market in 2001, it has been a company that has developed numerous food and treats for dogs throughout the years. It is one of the most successful brands of the company, being used by more than 9.5 million households each day.

Beneful has long been known for its unique advertising campaigns. In Germany, posters advertising the dog food were implemented in an award-winning advertising campaign that released the scent of dog food. Dogs were able to sniff the posters when out on walks with their owners. In 2011 television commercials by Beneful in Austria emitted a series of high pitch sounds, all but one too high for humans to hear, to elicit a response in the dogs.

In 2012 in New York, interactive billboards from Beneful were used to allow people to play virtual fetch in the subway station. These billboards were also installed in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and St. Louis. In 2013 Beneful once again captivated Internet users with a creative video that implemented the use of a Rube Goldberg machine, this time by adding more than a half dozen dogs to the popular advertising tool. The commercial required many takes, but was successfully completed and has been viewed over seven million times by YouTube users.

An annual competition, Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest, is hosted by the dog food brand, which allows competitors to submit designs for renovations to dog parks. Beneful gives $500,000 toward the renovation of the dog parks each year. The contest has resulted in new dog parks being produced in Johns Creek, Georgia; Alabaster, Alabama; and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

As a result of a popular dog food product and effective advertising, Beneful became the fourth most popular dog food product in 2012, the latest year that statistics are available. In 2014 Beneful decided to switch from Fallon, its creative responsibilities firm, which had been used by the brand for 25 years. The brand was the oldest ongoing client of the Fallon firm, which has been around for more than 33 years.

More than 15 million dogs use Beneful products each year. Its line, which includes dry food, wet food, prepared meals and various snacks, has evolved throughout the years. In 2005 the Beneful Healthy Harvest was added, which helped renovate dog food by having its main ingredient as soy, rather than the usual meat. Beneful currently has eight different types of dog food, which have various different health benefits. The prepared meals feature protein, vegetables and whole grains in prepared tubs and come in 14 different varieties. Beneful has six different types of wet canned food, as well as a variety of snacks for dogs that are useful as training rewards, treats or small snacks in-between meals. Every bag of dog food that is sold in the U.S. each year is made in one of the eight manufacturing plants owned by Purina.