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The Role of Sentient AI in E-commerce Personalization


The online market is growing by the day. As a result, e-commerce is in a continuous cycle of evolution. For any business to thrive, there must be a pool of customers on a daily basis. However, the biggest problem is not attracting the customers. The main issue is getting them to do what you require of them. The Sentient AI software helps in e-commerce personalization by creating products that are relatable to individual customers. By personalizing e-commerce, everything becomes simplified for the customers.


Role of AI Technologies in E-commerce and Digital marketing

E-commerce personalization Sentient AI offers two programs which are the Sentient Aware and Sentient Ascend. Both of these programs play a different but very crucial role in e-commerce. Sentient Aware helps customers locate the products they seek to purchase. This program uses algorithms to identify and also recommend the necessary products to customers. The program is a replica of a human salesperson. However, it is much more advanced than the human brain.


It is created to learn and observe a customer’s preference, and store the data. Therefore, as the customer continues to log into your site, through the program, it becomes easy to make a recommendation at a personal level. This personalized relationship with the customers will keep them coming on a daily basis.


Sentient Ascend, on the other hand, is helping website owners to earn more from the continuous traffic flow on their sites. The program uses conversion rate optimization. By implementing this program, you can decrease bounce rate, get more orders and increase efficiency.


What is E-commerce?

E-commerce refers to commercial transactions that happen on an online platform. Personalization of e-commerce involves creating an experience for one customer that differs from another customer. It means knowing each customer as per their needs and being able to meet these requirements on a personal level.


E-commerce personalization is not only beneficial to the customer but the business as well. As you personalize every customer’s experience, customers spread the word to their friends and make a recommendation to your site. As a result, your traffic flow increases hence more profit comes your way. With so many products to choose from, customers can get exhausted looking for what they need. But with a personalized e-commerce system, the customer is exposed to what they need without having to struggle.