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The Evolution of Tidal with Desiree Perez

There is a passion for Tidal that has allowed Desiree to capture an audience and create a strong customer base. She is someone that has been around long enough to realize that a business can thrive when customers are willing to patronize the business on a repetitive basis. This is how she has built her club in Manhattan. She knows that it is not enough to attract customers for a single outing. Perez knows that it is essential to get customers in a comfort zone where they want to return over and over again. She has taken the same approach to helping Jay-Z build up the Tidal music streaming service.


In order to get customers to return to Tidal over and over again she knew that there was something that had to be done on a regular basis. At times this would involve a concert where people had a chance to see an exclusive visual music experience. At other times it was the music streaming stream remastered Prince material. There are all types of ways to keep customers interested, but it takes a lot of work. It takes abundant feedback from the customers, and a concrete method for processing the feedback that is received.  Based on


Desiree Perez has been able to take this feedback that customers have given and she has turned this into something positive.  Click on   She has been able to look at what other music streaming services are doing and imitate what they do well and stray from what they are not doing well enough. When all these elements are combined it is something that gives the Tidal music streaming services a hand up against the competition. Shawn Carter could not have found a better person to help him bring Tidal out of obscurity into a position of music-streaming authority.



The Best Zombie Anime Hands Down


Anime has always been a popular subject, and with new shows like The Walking Dead and Z-Nation, zombies are getting pretty popular too. If you like either of the two, you probably want to know that people have been combining the two to reach a wider audience. One of the most popular of them that we’re going to tell you about today is called HighSchool Of The Dead.


As with most zombie anime, or like any other zombie show or movie, there’s an “outbreak” and a virus starts infecting people around the world. You follow a group of students in a high school, the main character being Komuro Takashi, throughout their escape. Two of the girls that went mainstream were Yuriko Takagi and Rika Minami, not only for their sexy looks but because of how badass they are in a zombie situation.  Not your typical school life anime, that’s for sure.


The anime is packed with blood gore and action as well as a handful of overly flirty scenes. Bringing out nearly every aspect of a zombie apocalypse, it’s tied together with better graphics than most animes and a cast that you can relate to, making it must watch TV if you’re after the best black cartoons you can watch.


Holographic Visual Effects are Changing the Entertainment Industry

Visual effects are increasingly becoming a staple of digital entertainment. Advances in computer technology have movie producers scrambling to implement the latest advances in visual effects into their productions. However, while many people believe that visual effects are primarily for futuristic or action based productions, many producers are now looking at visual effects for recreations of more natural events and even simulation of digital humans.

The ability to have a digital replica of a specific individual in history is a potentially game changing achievement in the world of visual effects. One of the new applications of this impressive technology is in holograms of deceased music artists. These types of productions allow for fans of these artists to have a unique experience that is essentially indistinguishable from reality. Holograms of entertainers open up a whole new world of live entertainment.

As with any introduction of new technology, the use of holographic digital entertainment requires great skill from talented artists. When creating these 3D holographs, artists must take into account a much higher level of detail than traditional 2D effects. When people view holographic productions, they have a higher level of scrutiny and demand even more realism than before, creating a unique challenge for the industry. Likewise, hologram producers must the visual aspects, mannerisms, and movement patterns of their creations in order to achieve true realism.

One of the pioneers of 3D visual effects is John Textor. With successful projects such as recreating Tupac and Michael Jackson, Textor has set new standards of quality in the world of 3D visual effects. Fans that have seen his productions are constantly impressed with the amount of detail and realism that goes into his work. Likewise, the entertainment industry is keeping a close eye on Textor’s creations to see how this advancing technology can fit into their productions.