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For OSI Group’s President and COO, David McDonald, Propelling His Company To Expand Globally Has Proven To Be A Successful Choice for OSI

As president of OSI Group, David McDonald manages a well-known American food company, which brokers deals and makes important purchases of essential food companies and brands — it’s an important part of OSI’s strategy. This corporate strategy has helped make OSI’s strong expansion into Europe over the recent years a very successful venture in many ways.

Before becoming a global food company, OSI Group began in Illinois as Otto & Sons Inc. — a family meat company founded by a German immigrant in 1909. Today, OSI Group is a 100 plus year-old, food company, with an estimated value of 6.1 billion dollars, according to Forbes. OSI Group touts an employee base of approximately 20 thousand staffers.

Under the senior management of David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin (OSI Group’s CEO), the international food company has won some impressive awards and received many kudos for their remarkable achievements as a company. As acting COO, McDonald has improved the company’s market share, by reaching their key goals by expanding into many new markets located in China, Europe, and India.

McDonald got started with OSI Group in a project manager roll. Today, he has over 30 years of experience with the Illinois headquartered company. McDonald has had an impressive track record and many successes while holding the position of COO at OSI. David McDonald earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University in 1987.

In December of 2016, a subsidiary of OSI Group was given the Globe of Honour award. This prestigious award is bestowed upon companies doing business in the UK that strive to achieve great things in areas of environmental safety.

OSI Group acquired the food company, Flagship Europe nearly two years ago. Flagship Europe, which is subsidiary of Flagship Food Group, has many of the brands that OSI is looking to acquire. Flagship Food Group is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Flagship Europe, which is a food service firm located in the UK — has sauces, mayonnaise, pies, dressings, frozen poultry, and sous vide products in its portfolio. David McDonald remarked that the addition of Flagship Europe into OSI’s group of food companies has provided that important market presence in Europe.

OSI Food Solutions, as well as their subsidiaries, provide many employment opportunities in Europe. They focus on hiring in countries like the UK, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region of the world.

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From Doctor To Real Estate Tycoon

Dr. Mark McKenna is not only a licensed physician, but he is also an aggressive entrepreneur that has a passion for community and patient advocacy. He is originally from beautiful New Orleans, LA. He is a graduate from Tulane University Medical School. This great doctor is licensed in Medicine, as well as Surgery by the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners, as well as Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners.

While Dr. Mark McKenna earned his degree, he came to his conclusion that it would be hard to make a huge amount of money being a doctor. He had practiced medicine with his own father whom was also a physician for a small period of time. However, soon he realized that the real estate was where his passion was. He then began to build a real estate business.

Dr. Mark McKenna was led to launch a company for mortgage during the early stages of his real estate career, and it ultimately gave him ground to obtain a small title firm. Over these years, he became the CEO and was the founder of McKenna Crescent Investments, Uptown Title, as well as Universal Mortgage. He is a business tycoon. From doctor to real estate giant, Dr. Mark McKenna can attack any passion that he has and bring it to life on a large scale. This is even after he survived and rebuild Hurricane Katrina.

In the year 2005, Mark had lost millions of dollars literally overnight. His own employees were scattered throughout the United States., and his cash flow went from huge to zero. His properties were gone and he was very much underinsured on most of them. However, he had returned to New Orleans in order to rebuild his company and he helped the relief efforts while doing so.This shows that he is not only strong, but he is strong willed and determined, as well as focused.

The Anti-aging Research Sponsored by Jason Hope

There are very many diseases that affect our health. Many institutions are very concerned with finding the cure of this problems. It is evident that there is one factor that the people have neglected. The anti aging reserch issue is something that affects everyone globally. It has also been observed that there is a relationship between aging and many ailments. As people age, they become more prone to diseases.

Wouldn’t it be good to stay young forever and not have to deal with the aging process? Well, many people have seen aging as a natural process that cannot be changed. We grow old, experience changes in our skin and all of a sudden we cannot do most of the things we used to do when we were young.

Some individuals have decided to challenge nature and find remedies of the aging process. Among the organizations that are involved in the research is the SENS Foundation. The organization works to develop something to slow down the aging process or reverse it. Jason Hope is among the individuals who believe that the aging process is something that needs to be addressed. He offers financial support to SENS Foundation to boost their research process. His contributions began in 2010 when he donated $500000.

Jason Hope is also a futurist. He believes in the power of future technology. He believes that the technology will take over the global economy. He also helps startups in actualizing dreams. He says that there are many unevaluated ideas in the world. He receives ideas on his website and chooses the best ideas to fund. He understands how hard it gets when you are starting a business. Lack of funds blocks many people with fantastic ideas.

Jason Hope has a routine that he follows on a daily basis. He begins his day with breakfast and workouts. This helps in setting the pace for his day. When he logs in to his computer, the first thing he does is read his emails, messages and go through his social media pages. He takes periodic breaks from the computer to avoid fatigue.

Jason says that he stays positive in his projects. He says that he always has believes that he will succeed. Jason says that when he was young, he obsessed on the minor details. He advises investors to focus on the big picture and stop stressing over small issues that come along the way.

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Doctorpreneur Mark McKenna

Would you want to be an entrepreneur or a doctor? Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, how about being a doctor. Dr. Mark McKenna made it work. Dr. Mark McKenna is a 1999 Tulane Medical School alumni. He has dabbled in real estate as well as built a successful business in cosmetic treatment.

Dr. Mark Mckenna’s first business experience with the cosmetic industry was with his ShapMed concept business he sold to LifeTime Fitness, which included botox treatments. McKenna has a few ideas he shared with the public about his future business plans. McKenna’s next venture is more personalized for the customer’s experience. He is supplying a house call app that will allow customers to have cosmetic procedures performed in the comfort and privacy of the customer’s home.

Dr. Mark McKenna is in the works of a new app called OVME. The purpose of OVME is to connect customers to freelance practitioners for medical cosmetic house calls. Dr. McKenna has made it clear that he is choosing business over medicine. His new venture will open up new opportunities in the cosmetic industry. His new company will be available in Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia, which will feature new aesthetic to his medical practice.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s team at OVME will be debuting a new weight control system that focuses on their biological and genetic weight situation through their DNA. Along with their new innovations, they will be offering a wide range of skin aids. McKenna’s new plan for introducing body and health services is due to his experience with LifeTime Fitness. In addition to his new plan, he will be offering treatments that will be more focused on male cosmetic treatments like hair loss, etc.

Dr. McKenna’s services will revolutionize and modernize the medical cosmetic industry. Making professional procedures available to the customers at their own fingertips will allow them to be more likely to repeat their visits more often. This service innovation is something that is essential to the progressive demand of companies to introduce technology to their business. The way McKenna plans to introduce mobile technology into the medical cosmetic industry is what makes his ideas so revolutionary.

The Turn Around of Nick Vertucci’s Life

Nick Vertucci is the Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy’s Chief Operating Officer. His Real Estate Academy has several branches across the United States, which includes the states of Nevada and California. Nick Vertucci’s company is a leading institution for real estate advisory and education. Nick’s zeal for his craft is rooted from his experience in real estate. He likewise remains to educate parties who are interested to have financial freedom based on his scheme.

Nick Vertucci’s life is a rags to riches themed novel. He came from a family who had a difficult time making ends meet. When he was ten years old, the family’s hard financial situation became unbearable especially after his father died. When Mr. Vertucci turned 18, he found the opportunity to reverse their dire financial status by selling accessories for computers. However, his lucrative business ended due to the crash of the dot com in 2000.

With the loss of his business and capital, Nick found himself in a difficult financial predicament because his debts had already piled up, and he was on the verge of losing his home. His admission into a real estate academy paved the way for the establishment of his real estate venture that gave him a way out of his financial woes. And after having a fruitful real estate investor career, Nick Vertucci opened the NV Real Estate Academy, which is generally called the NVREA.

In an interview with IdeaMensch, Nick said that the notion for his NV Real Estate business came when he was studying in the Real Estate Training Industry. At that time he just lost his business in tech due to the dot com bubble crash. After learning a number of investing foothold he gave up his struggling tech business which had debts in millions.

He then started to invest purchasing one door at a time. Eventually, after a decade he found himself financially stable again after being financially insolvent. His real estate business approach was to invest in single family rentals, where he would purchase foreclosed homes, then renovate them, rent them out, and manage them scrupulously using his business management style. And that was how NVREA was established in 2014.