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George Soros Thinks The European Union Cannot Resolve Their Relentless Economic Issues Because It Is Part Of The Problem

The European Union is its own worst enemy, according to George Soros. Soros is known for making a billion dollars in one transaction when he took a short position against the English pound back in the 1980s. Since then his personal wealth has grown to more than $27 billion. Soros is not only shrewd investor, but he is also a humanitarian that has created foundations all over the world. Soros has had a lot to say about the world’s economy lately, and in an interview with a German magazine he unloaded on the European Union. Tha main point Soros wanted to make in that interview was the EU may start to fall apart in 2016 unless changes are made within the organization.

Soros posted his eye-opening remarks on Bloomberg website. The picture he paints is not a pretty one, but it is realistic, according to other economists around the world. There is profound disillusionment with the European Union in Europe, and if the Front National in France, the Dutch Party for Free or the Swedish Democrats get their way, the EU is toast.

The anger that continues to brew could boil over in 2016, and open rebellion could be the drink of the day. Another one or two Islamist terror attacks should be enough to blow the lid off the EU. Isil hasn’t been shy when boasting about the jihadist they have sent and will send into Europe though the open borders of the European Union.

A Lebanese minister claimed that 1 in every 50 Syrian asylum-seekers may be an Isil supporter. That’s a scary thought considering more than 3 million more refugees could reach European Countries in 2016. Soros believes the open society concept should be protected, and a solution to the migration crisis should be the EU’s top priority. But Soros also said no one is taking control and leading the EU. Several member countries are making their own rules, and that is a serious sign of disintegration, according to Mr. Soros.

German Chancellor Merkel was the first leader to allow migrants into her country, but the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne by refugees changed the way Germans look at the Merkel migration policy. The nationalists in Germany are challenging Merkel’s decision to bring 1.1 million refugees into their country if 1 in 50 are possible terrorists.

The opinion of most Europeans is pro-migration if it can be handled in an orderly way. That means background checks and other information should be approved before they get settled. But as Soros mentions, most refugees don’t have background information. Other methods must be incorporated to move some of the refugees closer to their original homes. The EU has only reached out to Turkey for help so far in order to do that.