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Who exactly is Milan Kordestani?

You may have heard the name Milan Kordestani over the last few years, but who is he? Milan Kordestani, according to Huffington Post, is the CEO/Founder of Milan Farms, an accomplished Equestrian and a published Huffington Post author in not only the field of agriculture but mental health and politics as well.

Milan was born in Stanford, California on April 22, 1999 and after the divorce of his parents moved to London, England in 2009. In 2010, he moved to Atherton, California where he attended high school and graduated in 2017. He started riding horses around the age of ten. He won the first leg of the triple crown and then followed it with fourth place in the Worlds Championship Horse Show in 2015. In the third leg of the triple crown, also known as the American Royal, he gained the third place title nationally. A year later, Milan ranked second place in his age group for the Five Gaited Show Pleasure at the Worlds Championship Horse Show, which is the highest rank he has achieved to date.

Now you know more about Milan’s Equestrian background, but it is Milan Farms that he is well known for. Milan Farms was started, in 2015, during his sophomore year of high school, while the logo and Milan Farms Brand became trademarked as a company in 2016. Milan wished for his company to be transparent to customers explaining to them how they raise animals and only use organic materials for raising their plants. Their poultry that they raise are free range and organically fed grass and vegetables. While Milan Farms offers mint, it is the saffron that they grow which has received the most attention.

Milan Farms is the first farm ever to grow saffron on microfiber sponges hydroponically. Though they still do use the 3,500-year-old traditional methods for cultivating the crop every year. Milan isn’t about to stop there, with his innovation for the production of the crop. He is currently testing methods of hydroponics and aquaponics systems with differing levels of salinity and minerals for the best way to grow saffron.

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