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Fabletics-Keeping Satisfied Customers

Fabletics is the new way to get your hands on trendy active wear that will get you motivated to keep moving. You can become a VIP member for only $49.95 a month and you will get to mix and match your favorite outfits. You can even fill out a Lifestyle Quiz when you first sign up so that you will get the ultimate personalized shopping experience. Fabletics offers trendy active wear for a fraction of the cost of its competitors clothing and it is a convenient way to shop.


Fabletics has managed to become a $250 million dollar company in a market where Amazon controls 20% of the fashion market and they are growing steadily each year by at least 35%. Fabletics did not happen overnight, but instead grew gradually into a successful company. They got to know their customers base and went from there. That approach resulted in 30-50% of their customers being members when they walked through the door and another 25% percent becoming members in-store. Whatever their customers buy and wherever they buy their Fabletics products-that also all count towards their shopping cart.


Kate Hudson founded Fabletics and keeps an eye on what is going on with her company. She reviews sales every week and adjusts her collections to only include what is selling and popular. If it is not selling then she removes it from her stores and replaces it with what is more popular. There is no way to know what will sell but the information that she gathers form the Lifestyle Quizzes her new members fill out really helps her to know what her customers really want in their active wear.


Hudson has expanded her sizes to include every size from XXS to 3X so that more of her customers can feel great about themselves and live a more healthy lifestyle. Hudson is not just about having a successful business but she also wants her customers to be happy and she wants more people to feel good about themselves.


TechStyle Fashion Group is the parent of Fabletics and is valued at $21 million. Hudson feels it is important to keep her products affordable and trendy because it is ridiculous to pay $250 for a pair of yoga pants. He approach to her selling methods and her trendy collections have caught on and her company continues to grow every day. Hudson knows that if you listen to the customer they will tell you what they want and that’s exactly what she gives them. Perhaps that is why Fabletics has become so popular and more an more members are joining every day.


Hudson gains a lot of her inspiration form her mom, Goldie Hawn, and is a pert of the Hawn Foundation which encourages kids to be more mindful. Hudson feels that it is important to take risks and to live life with a focus on what matters the very most. Life is short and it’s important to focus on the most important things in life.

Express Your Unique Personality With Fabletics

This world is filled with messages of acceptance of different personalities and lifestyles. However, one of the best ways to communicate this type of acceptance is with fashion. However, fashion has been one of the funniest worlds for people, especially those that are a little bit out of the norm when it comes to style. Few people who dare to step out, especially men tend to be met with ridicule. At the same time, there are some people that know how to be subtle and step out just far enough so that they will actually be met with praise. Then again, there needs to be a store that offers this opportunity for people.


One such store is Fabletics. People, especially women, are given a much better chance to express their personality at all times including when they are getting physical exercise. When women look at the clothes, they will be amazed at what they find. For one thing, they will find that a seemingly normal looking shirt is going to have a very unique and fun design just on the other side. It not only does for the aesthetics of the person wearing the clothes but also allows an extra bit of comfort because of the design.


One thing that Fabletics shows is that one does not have to sacrifice comfort for beauty. Fabletics has found the right balance for women. To top it all off, it is offered at very low pricing for members who order from online. However, for those that are fortunate enough to live near a physical store, these low prices could be enjoyed right at the nearest mall. Meanwhile, one can also try on the clothes in order to make sure that they find the right size for the clothes they want.


Fabletics has done a lot more for its business than Amazon has ever done in the fashion industry. While Amazon does carry a lot of clothes from different designers and enjoy a lot of success, there is a better business strategy and quality of products being offered at Fabletics. Also, it can be rather hard for one to find her own distinct style at Amazon because the company is supplying clothes mainly for the general population who doesn’t pay much thought in the clothes they choose as long as it looks reasonable. Fabletics is a clothing store that is made for women who want to take risks.

Reasons Why Fabletics can Overtake Amazon

There can be no doubt in any entrepreneur’s mind that Amazon is a force to reckon with in the commercial industry. It has been garnering millions of dollars and customers for years now, and the sellers that commune in the shopping website are respectable too. However, Fabletics appears to have a solution formulated to beat Amazon in its own game.

What is Fabletics?

Fabletics is an activewear brand co-founded by the actress Kate Hudson with the owners of JustFab, Inc., Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in 2013. They have thought of its establishment as they have noticed the lack of affordable and high-quality sportswear that can still make the consumers look fabulous. Within a span of three years, the company has been able to expand in several European countries such as France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Spain, as well as in Canada and Australia.

The goal of Fabletics is to provide special types of clothing that will let women and men to remain physically active. They are accepting VIP members on their website, and being a subscriber open a lot of discounted items and other special deals to the consumer.

Why Fabletics Works Successfully

This may be a startup brand, yet the fact that they have already raked in over 250 million dollars entails that the brand owners hold viable knowledge regarding what catches the interest of the modern clientele. Below are the reasons why Fabletics works successfully.

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1. The company has online and offline stores in sync.

If on Amazon the consumers need to rely on the photos of the items posted on the website, they can try on the clothes manufactured by Fabletics in any of its physical stores. Fabletics also have the “reverse showrooming” in place in which every article that the person has sampled within the location yet has not purchased at the shop will be seen in their online account. This technique allows the brand to gain more members and have the pieces retained in their memory.

2. Fabletics shows importance to analytical data.

The merchandises that are found in the company are yields of the heads’ diligence to learn the latest fashion trends, as well as the things that their supporters are clamoring for. Fabletics relies on real-time marketing information too and ascertains that they are solely stocking the clothes that their target audience want. In this manner, they can perform subtle changes in the clothing line without worrying about the older ones left unsold.

3. Fabletics makes customer experience even better.

The brand banks on the quality of products and services that they can offer to the clients. The membership gets the people closer to the owners and lets them in on great deals that can take a few dollars off the regular price of the clothes. In addition, Fabletics has a story to tell and a vision to impart to those who are looking for inspiration to become fit.

Clearly, Fabletics is demonstrating a new form of advertisement that can attract the current wave of consumers.

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