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Banker Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is an Indian banker whose career flourished from his love for mathematics. His career began at Meerut University where he received admission for a bachelor’s degree in economics. In 1973 which was three years after his graduation he joined the school of economics in Delhi University for his master’s program in economics.

Anil Chaturvedi began his career in the banking industry as an assistant manager in the State bank. Because of his passion for his work, the Indian state bank sent Anil to Geneva where he served as the bank’s branch manager for over five years. The banker has since worked for other different banks like ANZ Grindlays and other banks in the United States of America and other countries across the globe.

Anil Chaturvedi also served at the Merril Lynch which is among the largest private banks in the world. In this bank, his primary role was the provision of financial advisory services to the entire bank and more so when the bank was about to make vital decisions related to finances. When Anil served at the Merril Lynch bank, he was part of the bank’s circle of the champion which was made up of the essential personnel in the bank. Anil who is currently working as a managing director in the private banking department at Hinduja Bank possesses different skills which include investment banking, corporate banking, financial advisory services to companies and private banking among others. At the Hinduja Bank where Anil has been for the last six years, he is also responsible for planning partnership strategies which the bank uses in transacting with other banks throughout the globe.

The Kiran and Anil Chaturvedi foundation

Apart from being a renowned banker and economy specialist, Anil Chaturvedi is also a co-founder of the Kiran and Anil Chaturvedi Foundation Inc. which is a non-profit making organisation. The philanthropic foundation focuses on collecting member contributions and donations and using them to help needy people in the society. Anil Chaturvedi has been among the major donors to the foundation as he gives the most significant share of his monthly towards the organisation. The organisation helps needy people by providing meals, healthcare, and scholarships to children from deprived backgrounds in Indian which is Anil Chaturvedi’s native home.

Sahm Adrangi The Kerrisdale Capital Story

Sahm Adrangi Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital recently released a report on the Eastman Kodak Company that was in a negative light. Sahm Adrangi explained that the reason for this report was he positioned Kerrisdale Capital to have a short position on the Eastman Kodak Company. This means that He will stand to benefit if the stock value of the company begins to depreciate. He believes that the recent jump in the stock value of over 187 percent is an anomaly after the announcement that Kodak was going to launch a blockchain based image licensing platform. More details on Sahm Adrangi at

Sahm Adrangi believes that the Kodak company still lacks solid fundamentals for a profitable company and will soon return to their track record of underperformance. This has led to what has been described as an unsustainable capital structure by Sahm Andragi. There has been much noise in the world of investment as blockchain based technologies are becoming more and more prominent in recent years. There are plenty of applications that these new technologies promise to have yet so far very few real-world products have been produced. The Kodak company sought to capitalize on this trend by using a new blockchain based image licensing platform to allow photographers to copyright their photos in a way that is impenetrable to fraudsters. Learn more about Sahm Adrangi at

The ICO craze, or initial coin offering, has seen many companies raise multiple millions of dollars overnight already. Yet several of these have exploded in well-publicizied scandals. At the end of the day, Sahm Adrangi believes that Eastman Kodak Company is the same business that it was before and this recent jump in stock value will be short lived. Drawing on decades of investment experience Sahm Adrangi felt confident in his decision to short the Eastman Kodak Company and believes he will turn a decent profit within the next few years. Sahm Andragi’s investment company Kerrisdale Capital is a company that bases its investment decisions off of business fundamentals particularly looking at long-term value investments and special event situations.


GoBuyside a global financial recruitment firm.

GoBuyside a global financial recruitment firm.

GoBuyside is a global recruitment firm that specializes in working with hedge funds, advisory platforms, private equity firms and investment managers. Arjun Kapur founded the firm. Arjin graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a B.S in Economics. He was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. He then went on to do his Masters in Business Administration at Stanford Graduate School of Business. The firm is unparalleled in both sourcing and screening top and talented candidates for positions. Arjun has extensive talent experience having worked with several diverse and complex engagements. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

At GoBuyside candidates are scrutinized thoroughly before being submitted for consideration. The team’s academic credentials and job experiences further distinguish it from the rest of the dogpile. These qualities make for a deeper understanding of the markets they serve.

The idea for starting GoBuyside came when Arjun realized that there was increased competition for talent. He also noticed that the hiring cycles in the private equity and hedge fund industry. Both the employers and the employees suffered from lack of adequate transparency in the hiring process. This brought about the idea that a technological platform could create a transparent network community. This platform would be beneficial to all parties involved. The idea gave birth to which is currently the largest online platform for financial professionals in the United States. Read this article at Accesswire.

Arjun says that he receives maximum productivity from his days in the office by prioritizing. He has an updated To-Do list which he follows promptly on a daily basis. Arjun’s ideas take form and shape when he iterates. This when he identifies an opportunity, maximizes research to a point where he is comfortable. He then begins to take action thus investing both time and capital in the venture. He then seeks current feedback from his potential customers which drives the development.

GoBuyside is known for its exceptional client service. This has been one of its major growth pillars. Arjun says that a client is drawn to a firm which cares about helping them as opposed to just raking in revenue. Arjun advises upcoming entrepreneurs and potential business owners to be vigilant of the highs and lows. When a storm suddenly rocks your boat you should be able to rethink your strategy and learn from your mistakes.

George Soros – A Man Feared And A Philanthropic Giant

George Soros is a Hungarian-American billionaire who created the Open Society Foundations. He began the Foundation over 30 years ago and has funded many worldwide causes that promotes human rights, justice, equality, health inclusion, and government accountability. Other causes have included his financial support of medical research, fight hate crime violence, art projects, protect the LGBT communities, youth outreach programs/education, and to eliminate law enforcement abuses. To keep the Open Society Foundations operating permanently, Mr. Soros has made annual contributions throughout the years since its creation. In 2017 it was revealed that Mr. Soros transferred an $18 billion gift to the Open Society Foundations. Mr. Soros was criticized for making this gift to his own Foundation. His gift makes it the largest philanthropic Foundation ahead of the Ford Foundation and the second largest nonprofit ahead of the Gates Foundation.

Speaking of criticisms of Mr. Soros, there has been lots of conspiracy rumors concerning his philanthropic gifts, especially in the field of politics in the U.S. and around the world. He has been associated with right-wing conspiracy theories when he supported the Black Lives Matter, the Antifa Movements, the white-nationalist rally in Charlottesville, the NFL protest, and the Women’s March. Mr. Soros has been theorized to have led H.R. McMaster fire President Donald Trump’s national security adviser and other right aligned staffers. Even Roy Moore accused George Soros of paying women to accuse him falsely of sexual assault. Mr. George Soros stated that since 1992, when he made a billion dollars by bilking the British pound, he has been accused of many conspiracies.

As benevolent as Mr. Soros is on many fronts, he is further castigated for a paper he wrote entitled “The Capitalist Threat.” George Soros writes that he made his money in the financial industry, but it is his fears that the capitalism theory of letting things take their own course and increasing market values into all aspects of life is endangering our open and democratic society. Mr. Soros writes about why he called his Foundation the Open Society. He called his Open Society Foundations by this name because of his experience with Nazi persecution and his oppressive Communist background. He knew as a result that he believed totally in an ‘open society.’ Mr. Soros’ Capitalist Threat paper entails his thoughts on the philosophy of Karl Popper, the many movements foundations he supported in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, China, and the Soviet Union between 1980 and 1984. Further Capitalist Threat topics included the rise of communism, economic theories, social Darwinism, and his theory that too much competition and too little cooperation causes inequities and instability within an open society.

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Agora Financial Accurate Financial Information That You Can Trust

Planning finance is not an easy thing, especially considering the situation of the financial market today. If you are looking to make the most of your investments, it is essential that you do a considerable amount of research and invest wisely in financial products that are fundamentally strong and well-reviewed. To get such information and accurate economic analysis, getting expert advice becomes necessary. It is where Agora Financial comes in. Agora Financial has been around since 1979 and was started to help people understand the dynamics of the complex financial market in an easy to understand manner.

Agora Financial has made some highly accurate predictions about the financial trends over the years like the recession that hit the financial markets in 2008 and the fall of crude prices, and so on. Such accurate economic predictions have helped Agora Financial become one of the most trusted financial publications on the market today. The company has over a million subscribers, who rely on Agora Financial for their dose of financial information. The financial and investment analysis made by Agora Financial has helped its readers save a substantial amount of money and also make a significant amount of money.

Agora Financial ensures that the customers get the financial and investment based research information they need to make the most of their money. The readers can get the information provided by Agora Financial through email newsletters, magazine, videos, ebooks, and other such digital options. The company has a pool of financial experts working round the clock to analyze the market trends and predict the future occurrence in the financial markets to help the readers get the information they need to protect and grow their money. Agora Financial has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, and its network of reporters is spread across the globe to source the financial news for its readers.

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This $18 Billion Could Be More Than A Donation

A Final Countdown To Success And Another Era To Build

What if you could precisely time when your big break in life would come?

Would you take $18 billion and squander it, or would you look to discover what this sum can accomplish for others? Ask yourself first, why do you need so much money to begin with? There are tremendous experiences that we can have with more access to money.

The recent donation by George Soros is reported at over $17 billion dollars. This professional made a living in the investment world now makes a living in charity.

The fact is, however, George Soros became a pioneer in the financial world because his past work brought him to a realization. This moment wasn’t like a final countdown because George didn’t need a big break. It felt like the final end of something big for George because he had already invested so much time and energy.

In one moment, the greatest opportunity would pass before George Soros. He had a choice. The time it took to make billions happen in the span of less than a day. No one expected it. Many are still held back by what was possible from one man alone. George wrote himself into history and will always be remembered.

Seeing Terror In A Young Man’s Eyes

Since we are well acquainted with how past efforts can pay off today, let’s get acquainted with how it might have been possible for George. The younger years of George Soros was filled with the terror of Nazi occupation in Hungary. These were events in World War II that brought chills to world populations.

The motivation George developed during these times is what could have also been George’s biggest inspiration. It’s said that the choices we make today will shape our future tomorrow. Mr. Soros made the decision to never let terror drive him away from his own ambitions dreams.

When You Have No Other Option But Success

George had no other option but to pursue success. The tragedies of war and a broken society pushed George to take note of the destruction. That mental image he held compelled him to become more than a refugee. George had to define his own reality, and he did so after deciding to pursue finance as a profession. and Follow him

He has yet to look back. …

The Philanthropic Mission of James Dondero

James Dondero has been a successful business entrepreneur in the Dallas area since 1993, but his professional success may not be as obvious to the people of Dallas as his philanthropic drive to make Texas a better place to live. And, he is dedicated to charitable giving for Dallas in particular. Dallas is the headquarters of Dondero’s investment firm, Highland Capital Management, and contributions to the community make Dondero and his company a vital component of many educational and living improvement projects in the central Texas area.

Much of the success that has been amassed by Highland Capital Management has been in many other regions of the United States, as well as internationally. Their recent step into the Korean Pension Fund is one of their most notable global investments. The investment management firm has historically invested in alternative credit entities such as private equity accounts, credit hedge funds, and a variety of other credit business associations. Although their success has been around the globe, they are still dedicated to the concept that giving back to the local community is important to improving life in the region along with being good public policy for the company. Follow James on Linkedin.

Along with Highland Capital co-founder Mark Okada, the investment firm has reinvigorated its philanthropic business mission directed at supporting other charitable agencies within the community with the appointment of local Dallas civic leader and real estate professional Linda Owen to the company charities division. Her direct focus will be in finding new outlets for the Highland Capital expansion of the their community support initiative. Read this article at

Linda Owen is a recognized member of the Dallas giving community as well as James Dondero from having been a past president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Her charge will be strategic approaches for Highland Capital to partner with other Dallas organizations that are dedicated to making central Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth area a more attractive place to live. With the recent natural disaster of Hurricane Harvey, both the central and southern regions of the state are still in a massive relief operation that can use all of the help that can be mustered.


Plant The Money Seed and Watch it Grow

Unless you want to just see your money sit there and not do anything, except shrink, then it is time to make use of the services provided by a company such as Wealth Solutions. Founded by investment expert Richard Blair, he can help your money grow, protect it and manage it. For those who have any doubts regarding his qualifications, he holds four certifications in finance such as RICP, CFS, CES, and CAS. Wealth Solutions is based in Austin, Texas and works under Registered Investment Advisory rules. Richard founded the firm with the belief that all people, regardless of age should have a serious financial plan in place. He has devised a three-pronged approach called pillars, to accomplish this. They are as follows:

Step 1

This is the planning phase where a “map” is laid out to get a clear picture to see where you are now and where you want to be. The process involves the clients interest, strengths as well as weaknesses and what the ultimate financial goal is. The reason for doing this is because if you do not know where you are now, then it is difficult to decide where you need to go.

Step 2

The next step is to start laying down plans, once you have a clear idea for your goals. At this stage, things will start to get serious as long-term strategies are laid. Obviously, one size does not fit all for those who are interested in investing, hence at this point, a tailor-made plan will be worked out for you. What Richard will do at this point is start allocating your finance. His decisions will be based on what makes sense at the time. Informed decisions are made once thorough research is done on market conditions.

Step 3

Last but not least, this is the phase when insurance needs will be taken into account. Three kinds of insurance will be recommended, life insurance, long-term care as well as annuities. Learn more:

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions

Interestingly, Richard does not come from a financial background. His mother and grandmother, as well as his wife, were teachers. Therefore, from a young age, he was interested in education and how it can help people. Coupled with this, he had a natural gift towards all things finance, so it was only natural that he decided to combine the two disciplines. Richard graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in finance, then he set about establishing his own firm, to help the people of Austin, Texas.