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OSI Group Success, Philanthropy, History, and Awards

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO (and has been since 1975) of OSI Group McDonalds: a private holding company which makes an average annual return of 6.1 billion dollars, making it the largest single Foods Distribution Company in the world and 63rd on Forbes list. It started out as Otto and Sons located in Chicago and grew in pace with McDonald’s as it was the main supplier of McDonalds meat products. One of four McDonald’s food suppliers, Otto and Sons was located just a hop skip and jump away from the original McDonald’s location in Des Plaines, Illinois. It seems that McDonald’s chose Otto and Sons because they were one of the earlier adopters of freeze dried technologies when other companies were not willing to take the risk to invest.

Sheldon entered the company in 1975 when it was in need of a more global leader who was comfortable with running international organizations. Sheldon has helped grow the company to the 63rd largest private company on the Forbes list, and has won many environmental awards since this time. More recently, Sheldon has won the Global Visionary award, the NAMI Environmental Award, the UK’s Globe of Honour award from the Safety Council, and the California Green Business certificate award.

Sheldon himself is also a philanthropist. He grew the OSI Group McDonalds company substantially and donates his time and money greatly to Chicago-based organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, the Jewish United Fund, The Rush University Medical Center, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, and many more. OSI group McDonalds currently has over 20,000 employees in 17 countries in 65 plant locations. OSI Group McDonalds has created a research and development facility in Chicago, as well as a food Innovation Center in the United States and China In order to create new well-loved food products for consumption around the world.

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Entrepreneur Mina Ebrahimi

Mina Ebrahimi:

Mina Ebrahimi is a successful woman who has been able to reach high level of success through out her years in the industry. She is an entrpreneur and the CEO of a small business company that is called Saint Germain Catering. Her business has been operating and running in Washington and has been a successful company with her guidance and willingness to make it better each day.

Her hard work and perseverance through out the years have been of great help to make sure that she reaches a high level of success in her business. Mina Ebrahimi has been awarded many honorary gifts that demonstrate all of the hard work that she has put in to her business. Some of those awards include: Winner of The Enterprise Women of the Year Award and The Washington Business Journal’s Award. Both of which are awards that are prestigious and are also hard to win. They both represent the woman that has been able to become through out the years and they represent the business woman that is within her.

Her business, Saint Germain Catering, is known by many in a positive way. She takes the time to make sure that her food is worthy of admiration and that it is a representation of who she is as a business woman. Her creativity and willingness to have an open mind makes her business that much more successful. Mina Ebrahimi strives to makes sure that her customers are always satisfied for what they pay for and she always has customer satisfaction. She explains that since a young age, she was taught to always give thanks to God for everything that she has. She has taken this with her through out her business venture and is always looking for ways to give back to others and her community. Her hard work is praised by many and she has become an admiration to many as well.

Building A Better Future In Foodservices: OSI Group

Value-added products can be found all over the globe and many of these products tend to come from one source. The people of this modern society and the economy goes hand-to-hand. People actually create the demand and when the demand is high, the economy’s status will show it. Whether you call them value-added products or concept-to-table solutions, these items are being consumed in high-amounts on a daily basis. OSI Group just so happen to be at the top of this distinct class. This phenomenal food provider has taken things to a whole new level. The company has plants in at least 17 different nations and there are more than 60 plants in totality.

OSI Group has a make-it-happen mentality. It uses top-notch technologies in all of its culinary-innovation centers. In all of the company’s test kitchens, there are over-qualified R&D specialists on deck. Every sector of business is being fully covered from head to toe. In just the past decade alone, OSI has been growing through an extreme growth phase. Its supply-food chain is extensive because it serves so many global locations. Lets take a look at some of OSI’s highlights.

• In 2010, the company built a beef production facility in Japan.

• In 2012, the company opened two more facilities in India.

• In 2013, the company took part in a joint-venture deal with Japan’s JC Comsa

• In 2103, the company added a high-production line at its Hungary plant.

• And more

When you look at the numbers on paper, you’ll surely be impressed, but this barely touches the surface. OSI Group is all about consolidation, diversification and expansion. The company has a huge presence in Europe thanks to taking part in numerous business acquisitions. OSI has acquired stake in the company that’s known as Flagship Europe. This company specialized in the production of marinades, sauces, dips and dressings. In 2017, Flagship Europe was rebranded by OSI Group as Creative Foods Europe. In 2016, OSI acquired stake in Tyson Foods as well as acquired stake in BAHO Food. All in all, there seems to be no slowing down in the future as OSI Group will surely continue to dominate the foodservice scene.


David McDonald Began Pursuing A Career In The Food Industry

David McDonald is probably most known around circles in the food industry. He is a former Chairman of the North American Meat Institute and current COO and President of OSI Group. When he first joined OSI 30 years ago he was hired as a project manager. He quickly worked his way up the company ladder to a leadership position.

It would be hard to make a list consisting of prominent companies in the food industry without mentioning OSI Group. It has been a trendsetter in the industry for numerous years. Today it is a global food provider with facilities located in multiple countries. Though McDonald wasn’t with the company in the very beginning he played an integral role in its success and growth. David McDonald is largely responsible for making sure operations runs smoothly despite and ever changing international market. This puts pressure on the company’s logistics team but it is more than capable to meet the challenge. David makes sure the team is made up of skilled and hard working individuals.

OSI Group is known for its acquisitions of companies. Recently, it purchased Baho Foods, a dutch meat processing company. David was excited about the acquisition as he knew it would increase OSI’s presence in the European market. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe.

OSI has also expanded its reach throughout China with 10 functional facilities in the country. Despite OSI’s many accomplishments it remains ambitious and steers clear of complacency. The company has remained true to its vision of being the premiere food provider on the planet.

About David McDonald

David McDonald began pursuing a career in the food industry soon after graduating from college. He attended Iowa State and University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. David is also very interested in agriculture. He is active in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative.

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For OSI Group’s President and COO, David McDonald, Propelling His Company To Expand Globally Has Proven To Be A Successful Choice for OSI

As president of OSI Group, David McDonald manages a well-known American food company, which brokers deals and makes important purchases of essential food companies and brands — it’s an important part of OSI’s strategy. This corporate strategy has helped make OSI’s strong expansion into Europe over the recent years a very successful venture in many ways.

Before becoming a global food company, OSI Group began in Illinois as Otto & Sons Inc. — a family meat company founded by a German immigrant in 1909. Today, OSI Group is a 100 plus year-old, food company, with an estimated value of 6.1 billion dollars, according to Forbes. OSI Group touts an employee base of approximately 20 thousand staffers.

Under the senior management of David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin (OSI Group’s CEO), the international food company has won some impressive awards and received many kudos for their remarkable achievements as a company. As acting COO, McDonald has improved the company’s market share, by reaching their key goals by expanding into many new markets located in China, Europe, and India.

McDonald got started with OSI Group in a project manager roll. Today, he has over 30 years of experience with the Illinois headquartered company. McDonald has had an impressive track record and many successes while holding the position of COO at OSI. David McDonald earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University in 1987.

In December of 2016, a subsidiary of OSI Group was given the Globe of Honour award. This prestigious award is bestowed upon companies doing business in the UK that strive to achieve great things in areas of environmental safety.

OSI Group acquired the food company, Flagship Europe nearly two years ago. Flagship Europe, which is subsidiary of Flagship Food Group, has many of the brands that OSI is looking to acquire. Flagship Food Group is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Flagship Europe, which is a food service firm located in the UK — has sauces, mayonnaise, pies, dressings, frozen poultry, and sous vide products in its portfolio. David McDonald remarked that the addition of Flagship Europe into OSI’s group of food companies has provided that important market presence in Europe.

OSI Food Solutions, as well as their subsidiaries, provide many employment opportunities in Europe. They focus on hiring in countries like the UK, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region of the world.

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OSI Industries Acquires Local Area Plant

OSI Industries: The Leaders In Technology

OSI Industries has continued to be the leaders in food processing services in over 55 facilities across 16 countries. Their CEO, Sheldon Lavin, proudly oversees 20,000+ employees worldwide. They have been known for producing a meal with high nutritional value, and according to FDA regulations. A good meal derives from where it comes from, and what’s in it, and OSI Industries discloses their ingredients online. They’re responsible for feeding thousands of food patrons and families. You can easily feed your family, your customers, or food retailers with an OSI Industries Inc. diet.

OSI Acquires Tyson Food Plant

OSI, food processing giants, have created a job market around the world for impoverished areas that they serve. Their CEO, has received the Global Visionary Award for his efforts. In recent news, OSI was able to make a successful bid for a local area plant. They were able to acquire a Chicago Tyson food plant with the benefits of saving several local area jobs. OSI will operate their facility responsible for processing their frozen poultry and OSI signature vegetables. Thousands of customers choose the OSI diet over their competitors.

OSI has created several job opportunities for their customers that includes plenty room for advancement. Their website has a job listing portal for your benefit. You can enjoy skilled labor or an executive position. OSI would like to add customers that enjoy putting a nutritious meal on the table. They have thousands of employees that enjoy what they do and love coming to work each day. OSI continues to be the leaders in the industry because of great employees like you. They have also created a great career opportunity in the EU food market by acquiring Flagship Europe. They’re responsible for operating one of their largest facility plant.

Join the elite OSI Industries Inc. food corp and feed your family smart. They have made it their mission to put the needs of their customers first, and get understand how important it is to feed your family and friends a meal they can truly trust.

OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

The Products And Sustainability Practices Of OSI Group

OSI Group is a food processing company that is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The company was founded in 1909 as a family butcher’s market located in Oak Park, IL.

One of the biggest events in the history of the company came in 1955 when they were chosen by McDonald’s as one of their beef suppliers. In the 1960’s narrowed its large network of beef suppliers to just four, one of which was OSI Group. OSI Group has grown into an international supplier of processed foods with 65 facilities in 17 countries.

While OSI Group originally only supplied processed meat to their clients, today their offerings are more diverse. Among what they process are fish, pork, bacon, hot dogs, vegetables, wheat products, and poultry. OSI Group also has subsidiaries, such as Baho Food and Flagship Europe, through which they offer processed foods like pies, sauces, dressings, mini desserts, meatballs, condiments, and various snacks.

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OSI Group works to have a sustainable relationship with the communities they are in and serve as well as measures to limit their business activities impact on the environment. In a statement the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, David McDonald, affirmed the company’s commitment to positively contribute to the lives of their employees, sustain environmental resources, and make a positive impact on global communities. Among other initiatives the company engages in, all of their European facilities have achieved ISO 14001 Certification. This certification is the most stringent standard in the world for environmental management. OSI Group has also donated more than 252,000 pounds of food to Feeding America and more than 55,000 pounds of food in the Philippines in order to help feed homeless children. The company takes animal welfare seriously and as part of that holds workshops and training sessions for both its employees and suppliers in order to promote the responsible handling and care of livestock. OSI Group is also involved in many community programs and nonprofits around the globe; among these are Literacy – USA, Children’s Cancer Charity in Germany, and the United Kingdom’s Safe Cycling Campaign.