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‘Kingsman’ Star Has Eyes on Wolverine Role

Hugh Jackman is something of a hero in Hollywood, at least to a very vocal subset of comic book fans. His work in the Marvel Universe in the process of bring Wolverine to life has been probably the most inspiring stuff in cinematic comic book adaptation history. Jackman has been playing the role for over a decade, growing from ‘X1’ all the way to the newest title releasing in 2016. Jackman has said that he would play Wolverine all the way until he died, but the star actor has slightly changed his plans. Manager Steve Murray confirms that Jackman looks like he will be wrapping up the character in the next film or so and Taron Egerton wants in on the role.

While at first glance Egerton has no business touching Wolverine, we have to take a step back and look at this through the eyes of a Studio. Wolverine has been developed mostly in the physical form of Hugh Jackman, which means that we have seen very little of his young life. Despite being ageless we have only seen Jackman as a 40+ year old man. So going back and time and showing Wolvy when eh is first getting used to his powers could be a lot of fun, and completely new.

But then we have the problem that Egerton has a pretty posh British accent, however we are ready to forgive it. Egerton showed off his action and comedic chops in ‘Kingsman’ and we think he could pull off the role.

Hulk Hogan to Join Expendables 4?!

Hulk Hogan has been one of the biggest names in pop culture for much of his adult life. Thanks to his charismatic work in the ring for wrestling programs WCW and the WWF, Hogan became an icon all over the world. Hogan was featured in movies, on toys, and he even had his own failed restaurant. Since basically retiring, and giving up on his reality shows, Hogan has slinked away from the spotlight. Now reports are coming out that the big wrestler is interested in a villain role for the newest Expendables film. This has to happen!

The Expendables have become one of Hollywood’s staples in terms of action coated in cheese. The films take ‘past their prime’ movie stars and put them together into a team in order to beat up the bad guys, and destroy a lot of things along the way. The franchise is headlined by Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham but just about every big action hero is getting in on the cause. Terry Crews, Gianfrancesco Genoso, Jet Li, Bruce Willis, and even Mel Gibson have spent time on the screen for the series. Hulk Hogan, who is ripped and huge, would be perfect in a villainous role.

The films know that they aren’t first rate entertainment and that’s just fine. Despite the fact that the last entry was slightly panned, despite having Arnold Schwarzenegger, Antonio Banderas, and Wesley Snipe as new additions — there is still hope for a fourth title. If there is, Hogan has to be in it.

Exciting New Details on “Independence Day 2”

Sequels are in vogue lately at the box office. Not that this is necessarily a cause for complaint. Who wasn’t awaiting the sequel to that first blockbuster Avengers movie that finally came out earlier this month? Furthermore, there isn’t a science fiction fan around who isn’t anxiously looking forward to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in December. Sequels can be great fun for audiences, and they are a safe financial bet for studios since they are building on an earlier money making film. In addition to a Superman movie sequel coming in 2016, there will also be a long awaited sequel to “Independence Day” coming out next year.

The original “Independence Day” was certainly a box office hit, so it’s actually amazing that it has taken this long for production of a sequel to have gotten under way. We got some plot details about “Independence Day 2” recently from Vivica A. Fox. She was one of the characters from the original reprising her role in the sequel. She let it be known that this new story will pick up 15 years after the events of the last movie, and the aliens will be back and presumably not in the best of moods after their earlier space armada got killed off by us primitive earthlings. It’s not the type of movie that wins major awards, but many of us want a good escapist popcorn movie, and this one looks ready to deliver. My coworker already created a Facebook event and has invited all of our friends.

Blomkamp To Direct New Alien Movie

After numerous rumors and speculation over the past few weeks, 20th Century Fox has confirmed that a new Alien movie is in the works and will be directed by District 9’s Neil Blomkamp, and that’s what Ricardo Guimarães is super excited about after hearing the announcement on Radio Globo this past week.

According to Variety, the new Alien film will be Blomkamp’s next project. The director recently wrapped production on Chappie, which hits theaters next month. Blomkamp previously said he came up with the idea of a new Alien while talking with Chappie star Sigourney Weaver, who plays Ripley in the Alien movies. That conversation resulted in Blomkamp developing some Alien art for the potential movie that he shared online.

Fox said the new Alien movie would be made independent from the Prometheus sequel that is being overseen by Ridley Scott. Rumors suggest that the Blomkamp film may pick up after the events of Alien: Resurrection, which was released way back in 1997, and bring a proper resolution to the story of Ripley. Weaver has yet to announce if she will be a part of the project, but most indicators point to her being involved.

Originally, Blomkamp said the film was not going to happen, but obviously something changed. Since Alien has been a big money maker for Fox for almost four decades and Blomkamp is considered one of the hottest directors in Hollywood, it makes sense that Fox would want to jump on this project.

Mission Impossible 5 Gets Better Release Date

Tom Cruise definitely is not leaving his Mission Impossible films behind him. He is starring in Mission Impossible 5, a franchise he seemingly can always return to. He won’t be returning on the date originally planned, though. Looks like the release date of the film has been wisely moved about five months.

The film is being moved to July 31, 2015. This way, the movie opens two weeks after the debut of Ant-Man. Folks, Ant-Man is going to be sleeper blockbuster hit of the summer of 2015. Not only were there fears MI:5 would not do well in the winter with so many other blockbusters being released, there was fear being released the same weekend as Ant-Man would be a bad idea.

There is one thing that could end up helping out Mission Impossible 5. The summer of 2015 is going to be really sci-fi and fantasy oriented. We have Jurassic World, Star Trek 3, Ant-Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and various other sci-fi oriented projects.

Mission Impossible delivers a grand scale adventure film that, while hardly a realistic drama, grounds audiences back in the (semi) normality of real life. Well, real life as far as spies saving the world goes.

The one issue the film may face is the competition from so many other big films makes having legs for several weeks a bit tough. Yet, the odds are super-strong Mission Impossible 5 is going to end up a major hit. Fans like Marc Sparks are excited to see the movie when it is released. More on Sparks is available on

Doomsday for Superman and Batman?

Some very interesting news has emerged from the set of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Michael Shannon, General Zod in Man of Steel, is returning in the new film. He is not going to play General Zod though. It appears he is going to play Doomsday, the monstrous Kryptonian creature that killed Superman in D.C.’s published comics 20 years ago.

Based on the reports (leaks) that are coming out, Zod’s body is taken by Lex Luthor who performs mysterious experiments on it. The experiments are intended to create a super-weapon capable of destroying Superman. A major problem arises here. A supremely powerful monster is not exactly controllable. Luthor might end up ruing the day he made Doomsday.

The big question here is “Will the ‘Death of Superman” storyline be weaved into the new film?” If Doomsday is in the feature, you would think yes. We do not know, though.

We also do not know whether or not Doomsday will be in the film and the purported rumors really are true. Keeping things under wraps is going to be a lot harder as the film enters the post-production and marketing planning stages. A lot more people, including fans like Marc Sparks,  learn about what’s in the film and leaks emerge.

So do rumors. If Doomsday does not end up in the film, don’t be surprised.

Tom Rothman Joins Forces With Edgar Wright For Rock-And-Roll Car Chase Movie

Following his high-profile exit from Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man film, director Edgar Wright has landed his next project, which will team him with producer Tom Rothman of TriStar Productions.

According to, Wright has inked a deal to direct a movie entitled Baby Driver. The story, which is an original idea conceived by Wright, revolves around the best getaway driver in the business whose secret to success is his personal soundtrack that he drives to. The driver’s world begins to crumble when he is forced to drive for a notorious crime boss. He then finds his life and those he loves in jeopardy when a heist he is driving for goes wrong.

Ansel Elgort, one of the stars of Fault in Our Stars, is being considered for the Baby Driver lead role. Because of the musical nature of the character and the movie, Elgort might prove to be an ideal choice as he also works as a professional DJ when he is not acting. Elgort will next appear onscreen in March’s sequel to Divergent called Insurgent.

TriStar will co-finance the movie with MRC. Nira Park and Working Title will serve as producers.

Rothman told The Hollywood Reporter that TriStar Productions is dedicated to backing original voices like Wright’s in Hollywood. He also praised MRC and Working Title as great partners that will help deliver what Rothman descried as “the ultimate rock-and-roll car chase film.

Wright was in the pre-preproduction stages of filming Ant-Man before disagreements with Marvel Studios forced him out of directing the film. His last film to grace the big screen was 2013’s The World’s End, which starred Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

The Mighty Shazam is Coming to the Justice League Movie

Here is some really big news for fans of D.C. Comics and superhero movies. It has been confirmed that the mighty Shazam will be part of the Justice League film.

In the Justice League movie, Shazam will be meeting with Superman for the first time in either television or film. The irony here is when Shazam was known as Captain Marvel, he was the comic book rival to Superman. Even though the character was a total clone, My colleague Jared Haftel came back with maybe, but he outsold the big blue boy scout at newsstands. Can’t argue with that.D.C. Comics, then known as National Periodicals, purchased the rights to Shazam/Captain Marvel in order to shelve him. In the 1970’s, the character made a live-action debut on Saturday Morning TV.

The Justice League movie will help launch a series of solo hero films including Wonder Woman, Aquaman, a Green Lantern reboot, Cyborg, and Shazam. (Hopefully, the Justice League film will be more than just a hodgepodge) Concerns existed as to how a Shazam movie could be made since the hero is so similar in many ways to Superman. Hopefully, the Justice League movie will help establish the major differences between the characters.

We do not know who will be playing Shazam. We do know who is signed on for the role of Black Adam in the Shazam solo project. It is known other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Who wants to bet there will be a Black Adam solo film one day?

2016 Will See Pee-Wee Herman’s Return

In 2016, Paul Reubens will bring his awkwardly funny Pee-Wee Herman character back for a new installment to his movie franchise that began three decades ago. The new movie will likely not see mass distribution in theaters. If Crains reports of a nearly-struck deal prove true, the new release will be streamed online by Netflix, and Andrew Heiberger is definitely going to be watching.

The growing trend of releasing movies online through major entertainment-streaming services like Netflix gives niche projects like Reubens’s upcoming movie a better chance to garner viewership and turn a profit than would a theatrical release.

Shooting for the new movie will probably commence in early-2015, and a specific release date will surely become clear once Netflix signs on the dotted line.

Reubens owes this likely movie deal to the cult following his television Pee-Wee’s Playhouse show appreciates to this day. Netflix recently added every episode of that beloved series to its lineup.

Director Discusses the Hybrid Dinosaur of Jurassic World

Jurassic World hopes to recapture some of the glorious magic of the classic Steven Spielberg film. A new director, Colin Trevorrow is helming the new series of dinosaur adventures and he has gone to great pains to make sure the new series is far from a retread of the original trilogy.

To help set the new film apart, special, unique dinosaurs have been designed for the film. One creature that is capturing people’s attention is the hybrid dinosaur. The attention being captured is not based on the look of the dinosaur. No images of the creature have been revealed yet. All of that is being kept under wraps. Right now, all we have is a cool buzz coming from the studios assuring fans the new dinosaur is going to be the true star of the film.

Trevorrow has discussed a few general points about the hybrid dinosaur. Essentially, he stated the creature is really an “other”. It is not a dinosaur, but a manmade creation derived from the dinosaurs.

I don’t know if I’d break my back and call North American Spine to watch this movie, but it’s interesting that based on what we know about the plot, the new dinosaur was created to help spur interest in the exhibits at Jurassic World. The public had grown tired of the novelty of seeing dinosaurs in a zoo. So, something new and bold was required to draw them in. The creation of a dangerous new dinosaur was the idea the people at Jurassic World came up with.

Not so ironically, this is the same idea the producers of the movie came up with as well.