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What To Do When you Have A Work From Upwork

What is the best way to make it through a to-do? Some could say, just do it, but there could be a method to the madness that requires a little more detail than that. When landing work on Upwork or any job for that matter, to-do lists can be the monster we try to avoid. Keeping everything in our heads, but in the end, scrambling to keep tabs on what we’ve done and have yet to do.

If not already familiar, Upwork is a site that launched in 1999, as a place for freelancers and business to meet in the middle. No longer did one have to meet a potential client in person, but online, and on a platform that guarantees you’re paid for your work. Added that as you move up, they also take less of a commission, which benefits you greatly. What about the work and your growing to-do list? It’s as simple as Upwork.

Start by composing your list the night before you tackle your first task. People who do it in the morning or hours before risk losing out on productivity, which could hurt your bottom line.

Include everything, from the small to the big, and with those larger tasks, break them down. This will help you keep track of what you’ve done, and what you have yet to do while also making those larger tasks much more manageable.

Tags and labels are your friends. Having an idea of when to best start a task, how long a task will take you or otherwise, what a task centers around (like sending an email, making a call, etc.) will help you get in the night mindset when the time comes. Plus it will also help when you batch process, getting more of similar tasks down when in the right space.

Procrastination may not be your worst enemy, especially if it gives you time to re-evaluate your list. You can decide if an item belongs or should be delegated somewhere else for instance.

See, it’s not hard at all, the important thing is to go in smart with a clear list of things that need to get done.