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Ara Chackerian Talks About Healthcare Investment Startups With Ideamensch

Ideamensch likes to interview people who use their financial acumen to take on major challenges in the world, and a man who’s doing this with healthcare startups is Ara Chackerian. Chackerian is the CEO of BMC Diagnostics and TMS Health Solutions, and he has years of experience working with pharmaceutical research firms and medical professionals while integrating entrepreneurship in putting out medical patents. Ideamensch wanted to find out what a day with healthcare startup tasks looks like, and Chackerian had a lot to say.


Chackerian said TMS Health Solutions was an idea he formed to build on past experience working at radiology treatment centers. TMS is in the psychiatric treatment division and uses different mechanisms to treat patients that you don’t find in too many of today’s mainstream mental institutions. One of the treatments offered to patients here is transcranial magnetic stimulation, a treatment for various kinds of depression that uses a device as opposed to regular pills. Chackerian also told Ideamensch that he is excited about using digital systems for healthcare because it’s opening a whole new range of capabilities for professionals. He says his main goal now is to see many new practicing psychiatrists trained and ready to practice through his TMS Health Education Program.  Too see more you can visit



Ara Chackerian got his bachelor’s degree in marketing from Florida State University but found the healthcare industry to be his area of interest in the marketing and business field. After working for several different firms, Chackerian joined the board of executives at ASC Capital Holdings which has supplied the startup capital for many different clinics and pharma companies out on the west coast. The goal of ASC is to find healthcare innovators who want to disrupt the current treatment system and provide solutions that are more patient-first driven. Chackerian has interests outside of the healthcare industry including restoring the rain forests of central and South America, and he helped environmentalist Aram Terry start the Limonapa Teak farm in Nicaragua. The hope is to encourage a more sustainable way of managing food resources and boost the agricultural economy in the region as well as show the world how valuable teak is. You can checkout their website  for more info.



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Doctorpreneur Mark McKenna

Would you want to be an entrepreneur or a doctor? Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, how about being a doctor. Dr. Mark McKenna made it work. Dr. Mark McKenna is a 1999 Tulane Medical School alumni. He has dabbled in real estate as well as built a successful business in cosmetic treatment.

Dr. Mark Mckenna’s first business experience with the cosmetic industry was with his ShapMed concept business he sold to LifeTime Fitness, which included botox treatments. McKenna has a few ideas he shared with the public about his future business plans. McKenna’s next venture is more personalized for the customer’s experience. He is supplying a house call app that will allow customers to have cosmetic procedures performed in the comfort and privacy of the customer’s home.

Dr. Mark McKenna is in the works of a new app called OVME. The purpose of OVME is to connect customers to freelance practitioners for medical cosmetic house calls. Dr. McKenna has made it clear that he is choosing business over medicine. His new venture will open up new opportunities in the cosmetic industry. His new company will be available in Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia, which will feature new aesthetic to his medical practice.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s team at OVME will be debuting a new weight control system that focuses on their biological and genetic weight situation through their DNA. Along with their new innovations, they will be offering a wide range of skin aids. McKenna’s new plan for introducing body and health services is due to his experience with LifeTime Fitness. In addition to his new plan, he will be offering treatments that will be more focused on male cosmetic treatments like hair loss, etc.

Dr. McKenna’s services will revolutionize and modernize the medical cosmetic industry. Making professional procedures available to the customers at their own fingertips will allow them to be more likely to repeat their visits more often. This service innovation is something that is essential to the progressive demand of companies to introduce technology to their business. The way McKenna plans to introduce mobile technology into the medical cosmetic industry is what makes his ideas so revolutionary.

Waiakea Water Sustains Life

Supermarkets, gas stations, and various stores sell a variety of bottled water options these days. They are not all the same, either. Waiakea water has grown to become worth over $100 billion internationally. Just like any product, bottled water companies try to sell something that is unique and enticing to the customer.


Waiakea bottled water doesn’t need to do much to stand out from the competitive bottled water companies out there. Waiakea is, after all, hawaii volcanic water in a bottle. Even the process of filtering the water is unique and travels through thousands of feet, 14,000 feet to be exact, of porous volcanic rock to reach its smooth and refreshing taste. (More about Waiakea Water on Organic Authority: Waiakea Water: Redefines Sustainable)


Waiakea Water is not just about great-tasting water that comes from a natural source, but the company is eco-conscious and all about preserving the environment. Waiakea Water only use the highest quality RPET to make our bottles, bottles that are also BPA Free. The company packages their water in fully degradable bottles, and they also take as little as 15 years to break down as compared to other plastic bottles that need at least 1000 years to break down.


Waiakea’s water is packed full of the good stuff like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium; it also contains silica which has been found to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Waiakea water ph is 7.8 to 8.8 which means that it is naturally alkaline and actually tricks the body into thinking that it is getting even more alkaline minerals than it is.


This bottled water company uses renewable resources and renewable energy and is environmentally-conscious. The company is also all about giving back to the community and is helping to get fresh drinking water to those who depend on it to live.


Waiakea Water have partnered with Pump Aid and together have been able to get countless gallons of clean water to many rural communities that do not have access to clean drinking water.


Water saves lives, and their dedicated efforts are reducing the number of fatalities in third world countries. Water is life-sustaining and gives people hope. Waiakea Water is proud to be a part of that and continues to help those who depend on water to survive. See This Article for more information.