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The Impact Jorge Moll Has on the Quality of Healthcare and Patients’ Lives

If there are people you know with a profound medical history, then Neuroscientist Jorge Moll tops the list. He studied in Brazil at Federal University where he earned his Doctor of Medicine degree in Neuroscience. He further did his residency and completed it at the same university in Rio de Janeiro. Moll proceeded with his career at Sao Paulo University and got his Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Pathophysiology. Whenever Moll comes across people with health issues that affect their life quality in a negative way, he is always compelled to help them. Moll is today the president of D’Or, an institute involved in Research and Education. He is also a board member in the same institution.

Jorge Moll is widely recognized to be the Director of the Unit that deals with Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. He also happens to be the Director of a top-rated imaging and diagnostics laboratory known by the name Neuroinformatics Workgroup. Besides being a career man, he has a family he lives with in Rio de Janeiro. What motivated Moll to come up with D’Or was his vision and passion for a cultivated world-class healthcare, education and research in his home country. He has a routine way of keeping things and related activities productive. Moll creates time to speak to entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, associates and students. By so doing, he is able to exchange collaboration and ideas for free.

Moll is one man who believes that ideas must become realities. He says ideas are plentiful and ways to make them real are not limited. He notes that choosing the best idea from the many and doing away with others is probably the hardest thing people come across. Moll indicates that he only selects ideas that would enhance collaboration and be actualized ( He is highly impressed with how brains and machines work and the improvement cognitive systems and artificial intelligence have attained.

Jorge is also strongly fascinated by the incredible developments in gene therapy and regenerative medicine. As a businessman, he highlights productivity is based on one’s skillfulness, openness and transparency. He advises his younger versions that they shouldn’t hold onto plans and ideas for too long. Moll believes that the best thing to do with ideas is either to some new ones or run with the ones you have.