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Sawyer Howitt is About to Shake-up the Future of Racquetball with His Continually Improving Skills

Sawyer Howitt is the most talented racquetball player based in Portland, Oregon. Sawyer began playing this exciting game while still in high school at Lincoln high school. As a member of the school’s racquetball club, Sawyer Howitt strived to grow his skills in the game by participating in the boys’ high school singles. His popularity rose when he emerged runners-up in the Oregon High School racquetball State Championships. He has since joined the Portland Racquetball Club as a player where his skills have continued to grow. He has participated in several tournaments against his teammates, emerging the winner multiple times. Sawyer uses a 170 grams Gearbox GB-125 racquet and dedicates several hours a week for practice. With his rising skills in the game, Sawyer Howitt is undoubtedly headed for the national team and the best racquetball player position in the United States.

His Racquetball Blog

The enthusiasm that he possesses for racquetball led him to start a WordPress blog, Racquetball blog, which he utilizes to document his experiences in the game. He shares with fellow lovers of the game the practical details concerning the game, such as the rules, strategies and playing equipment. He also analyzes past games.

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Other Interests

Besides racquetball, Sawyer Howitt works at The Meriwether Company as the product manager. Prior to this position, he was the firm’s business strategy analyst. He also worked for KURE Juice Bar. Sawyer Howitt enjoys photography as a hobby and is also enthusiastic on motivating young people. He has interests in customer service, brand managing, and financial service.

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