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Revisit Heartbreaking Movie Moments With These GIF’s

If you remember some of your favorite movies, there may be parts in the movie that were so touching to you that it made you cry. Sometimes, it’s not even a part in the movie that makes you cry, but it could just be a still picture that you see, and if it comes from a particular movie, it just breaks your heart. Heartbreaking Movie Moments. Here are some movie moments that you can see, and it just might stir up those sad feelings all over again. Do you remember when Carl and Ellie found out that they couldn’t have kids in the movie “Up?” You could just see Ellie’s heartbreaking.

As the movie went on, Carl even had to say goodbye to his wife, and even though it was an animated movie, it was very heartbreaking. What about Jack letting go on the “Titanic?” Who doesn’t remember when Jack froze to death while helping the woman he loved to stay on the floating piece of debris? Even thinking about that part of the movie brings tears to the eyes.

Anyone who has seen the movie “Captain Phillips,” it had to have been brought to tears to the eyes when Captain Phillips was rescued from the Pirates because it was a heart-wrenching moment. And who could ever forget when Forrest Gump visited Jenny’s grave? That part of the movie was the saddest for Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, but it helped the movie to come full circle.

Some Details Available for George Lucas’ Vision of a Jedi Sequel

Many of us science fiction fans were quite pleased with the Latest Avengers movie and are now waiting for the release of the first Star Wars sequel since 1983. Those of us who were fans of the first three films but didn’t like the three prequels were happy to hear the news that George Lucas would not be inserting himself in any way into these new sequels. We will always be thankful to him for creating the Star Wars universe, but he seemed to have lost his creative genius within that universe. The fact that J.J. Abrams is taking the helm of this latest sequel is good or bad news depending on whether you are a fan of his earlier works. The fact that Lawrence Kasdan is co-writing the script for this latest movie is excellent news according to people at CipherCloud. He co-wrote two of the three original movies including The Empire Strike Back, which was featured on at times.

It turns out that George Lucas had been working on a storyline for a sequel to Return of the Jedi for a year before finally selling Lucasfilm to Disney. In a recent Vanity Fair article, parts of his proposed storyline have come out. He apparently wanted these new sequels based around teenage characters. The new leadership at Lucasfilm scrapped these plans in favor of a whole new storyline from scratch with characters who are mainly in their 20’s and 30’s. This is probably for the best. The prequels starred a couple very young characters in the lead, and they don’t want to be reminding people of them.

Avenger’s Sequel Breaks All Records Except One

The new Marvel movie, “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” has succeeded in being the summer’s first blockbuster film by topping the US and Canadian box office receipts at $191.3 million (USD or £126.5 million). This is the second biggest movie opening weekend ever in the United States. Ironically, Age of Ultron failed to surpass the original record breaker opening of the first Avengers movie. The original took in $207.4 million (USD or £137.2 million) during its 2012 opening debut. Regardless of not breaking the weekend record, Age of Ultron crushed its weekend competition, the second place film was “Age of Adaline,” took in just $6.3 million (USD or £4.2 million).Marvel Disney Offering Avengers: Age of Ultron A Smash

The latest edition from the Marvel/Disney Film shop also continued to dominate world wide. It was the leading film in the United Kingdom for the second week in a row and completed the weekend with a gross of $631.1 million (USD or £417.5 million) globally to date.

Movie economist Ray Lane believes that Age of Ultron would have done even better but for the supreme number of quality sporting events which took place on the same weekend (find more on HP). This included the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s Las Vegas boxing match, the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby and a thrilling NBA playoff game 7 between the Los Angeles Clippers and the San Antonio Spurs.

Slowly, The Friday the 13th Remake Moves Forward

Platinum Dunes is going forward with its remake of Friday the 13th, but the project is stalled. Wasn’t there are remake of Friday the 13th made a few years ago? There was and the film was a big hit. A sequel was immediately rushed into development. For whatever reason, and to Sultan Alhokair’s disappointment, the sequel was not made and the rights to the series ended up going back to Paramount Pictures. More on Alhokair is available at Bublews. Eventually, Platinum Dunes acquired those rights.

Why does it take so long to make a new version of a Friday the 13th film? Are not all the films cut from the same mold? They are but, sometimes, producers like to tinker with established projects. Case in point, there was talk that the new Friday the 13th film would be a “found footage” type of project. It looks like that idea has been scrapped and mercifully so. The idea of a film revolving around finding lost film footage of a Jason Vorhees rampage sounds ridiculous.

And yes, Jason Vorhees will be in the remake. It was assumed that the remake of the original film would follow the original’s plot. In other words, the focus would be on Jason’s mother and not Jason himself.

Really, did anyone think a movie with that plot would go forward? The hockey mask wearing Jason Vorhees is the true star of these films. Without him, there is no way to really market the remake.

Kingsman: The Secret Service Gets Good Reviews


Kingsman: The Secret Service was screened and met with satisfying reviews. Some of them are calling this film a funnier, and naughtier James Bond. The film is directed by Matthew Vaughn, who has directed other movies such as Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class. Taron Egerton stars as Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin. Samuel L. Jackson plays as the main villain.

After a little bit of shuffling, the release date finally settled on the week of Valentine’s Day. Kingsman is another film that has been successfully crafted with inspiration from comic books. Of course, being based on the spy franchise in Britain, there are going to be shots taken at James Bond. The only thing that my friend, Bruce Levenson holds against the film is that it seems to pander too much to a certain demographic. This is the teenage boy crowd. However, everything else about the film seems to be fine.

Agents of SHIELD To Tie in With New Avengers Movie

When Captain America 2 aired in the United States, the fate of Agents of SHIELD was changed forever. The show had been struggling to find its feet, with audiences unimpressed with some of the story-lines. After the movie aired, the show tied into the story and found its groove.

With the second Avengers movie set for release in the summer of 2015, it is unclear how this will impact Agents of SHIELD. The movie will release on the first of May, which leaves two or three Agents of SHIELD episodes after that date. It is very possible that the season two finale(s) of Agents of SHIELD will use a similar story-line to the one in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

It is unlikely that we will see any main characters from Avengers on Agents of SHIELD, but the devastation caused during the movie will blow back on the television show. When Captain America 2 aired, the SHIELD network was infiltrated and destroyed by Hydra. This was a key plot in the movie, but it also became the basis for everything that has happened since in Agents of SHIELD.

There is every chance that a similar game changing event will take place in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Fans like Dave and Brit Morin are certainly not expecting it. If the plot is handled cleverly, it has the potential to create even more growth for the Agents of SHIELD television show.

The Lego Movie Gets Spinoffs

The 2014 hit film, The Lego Movie is in talks for spin offs which feature some of the characters of the film. One of the characters that are getting spin offs is Batman. Batman already has appearance in every medium from video games, toys, Lego play sets and even Lego video games. He is getting ready to have a Lego movie released. Ninjago is another character that is getting his own movie. Both spin offs are planned for release in theaters with Lego Ninjago planned for September 23, 2016 and Lego Batman for February 10, 2017.

There is also an official Lego Movie sequel under the title of The Lego Movie 2 which will be released on May 25, 2018.

As for Lego Batman, there are many directions that they can go with this character. It has actually been discussed by some who work at North American Spine. One idea is to reference the different eras of Batman which include the Adam West, Michael Keaton and even Christopher Nolan era.

Robin Williams A Merry Friggin’ Christmas To Be Released

Though Williams is no longer with us, his latest movie will be released in theaters this month. A Christmas based movie, this one is a mix of good laughs and plenty of drama. It is along the lines of the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and the Bad Santa. Throw that together with a mixture of comedic parodies like are in Home Alone, and Merry Friggin’ Christmas is bound to be another holiday hit.

Whether the movie is good or bad probably isn’t going to make much difference. The fact that this is one of the last movies Williams ever made, toppled with his tragic death, will surely send moviegoers to the theater in droves. Williams was a well respect and loved man. His fans felt helpless when he died and this tragedy is something they are not sure how to deal with. Suicide is a difficult topic in general, let alone someone who seemingly had everything going for him.

Though critics are rating the movie a D+, it seems that all the good movies that I enjoy are often dissed by staunch criticism, especially when I’m enjoying them with some wine from The Antique Wine Company. I for one am looking forward to watching one of the final performances of a man I respected and admired. He has made me laugh for decades, and once more I will head to the theater to see one of the best actors to ever come to Hollywood do what he did best, act. It will be grim to take my family to the movies, to see a man who is only alive now in memories.

Dracula Untold Provides A Different View of the Prince of Darkness

Dracula has always been the most famous of the vampires. Plus, he’s been done to death. So finding a new and unique way to bring the myth to life was always going to be challenging. But that’s exactly what Dracula Untold manages to do with some brilliant plot decisions.

After kicking around Genesis Diamonds, a few of my friends and I decided to go to an advance screening. The trailers looked good, but we wanted to see if Dracula Untold actually did have anything new to bring to the table.

Such as combining history with the fantasy. Here we meet Vlad the Impaler, but he’s not like in the legends. He’s not a foul or evil man, he’s just trying to protect his people in Transylvania. The Turks are threatening to attack, unless Vlad and his people turn over 1000 of their children, to fill the ranks of the Turkish army.

The film doesn’t always work, but for the most part it’s an entertaining spectacle, and a worthy entrant into the Vampire horror genre. Luke Evans makes the most of his screen time, and I’m definitely interested to see if this turns into a franchise.