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Susan McGalla: Exploring the Life and Times of One of the Most Successful Women in the Business World

The number of female C.E.O’s keeps on rising by the day. Gone are the days when there used to be careers for men and women. Nowadays, both genders can rise the ranks and be the best in their chosen field of work. No holds barred. Gender disparity on Wikimedia, more so at the workplace, is quickly disappearing. Soon enough that mindset will remain to be a distant memory.

Women are breaking the glass ceiling in practically all of the socio-economic and political dispensations. One such woman is Susan McGalla. Her success has turned her into a role model for millions, worldwide. The excellent results by ladies can be attributed to their intrinsic ability to forge and create networks. Females are known to great multitasks. It comes as no big surprise that venture capital firms and businesses led by women are more successful than their male-led counterparts.

The Secrets to Success, According to Mrs. McGalla

The road to gender equality has not been easy. It has taken a joint team effort involving both the government and the non-governmental forces to make meaningful gains. Women like Susan McGalla on BitsyLink have paved the way forward for the rest of the pack. They have shouldered the enormous and daunting responsibility of facing the problem head on. And, they have emerged as winners.

Mrs. Susan McGalla’s credibility comes from the many years she has thrived in the business world, particularly in the fashion sector. The American business person has a recipe for success to up- and coming women. It revolves around the principles of hard work and resourcefulness. “One needs to have a thirst and a burning desire to excel and succeed. Everyone must work, relentlessly, on sharpening and be perfecting their talents. Each person is endowed with a near-infinite potential to achieve greatness”, she was quoted saying.

Family and Education.
Susan is married to a venture capitalist, Stephen McGalla. The 52-year-old received her Alma mater from Mount Union College. Susan currently serves on the Board of Advisors at that same college. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Susan’s career started at Joseph Horne Company. Here, she served in various roles and capacities in the years extending from 1986 to 1984. It was here she gained the necessary experience in the women’s clothing and apparel world.

The founder of P3 Executive Consulting served as the president of the American Eagle Outfitters. In addition, the consultant worked as the C.E.O of Wet Seal Inc. Her tentacles have spread out far and wide. For instance, she is a board member of HFF Inc. This is a publicly listed and traded company specializing in commercial real estate ventures.

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The Successes of Susan McGalla

Over the years, there has been a steady increase in the number of women indulging in business activities. Women are now making significant contributions in the world of business and politics. They are on the belief that they have the potential to initiate businesses and drive them to success. Times are now changing and a majority of women entrepreneurs are already coming with innovative ideas which are contributing to manufacture of products that are consumer-oriented. These women entrepreneurs have also been elected in various boards. In these boards, they have proven to be assets and they have raised concerns regarding minorities and women’s rights within their organizations. Most women have made impact on the business field in terms of contributing towards improving organizational success. Susan McGalla is one of such businesswomen. McGalla is an executive consultant in the business field, and she is centered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was born in 1965 and raised together with her two brothers in Ohio. McGalla was treated no differently from his brothers as she received equal opportunities as them. Her father who was a football coach taught her the benefits of being a hard worker. After graduating from high school, McGalla joined the Mount Union College and pursued an undergraduate degree in business and marketing. She started her career at the department stores of Joseph Horne Company. She started off as a retailer. She was able to rise up her career ladder serving at various managerial and marketing positions. Susan later, in 1994, joined the American Eagle Outfitters and was made divisional merchandise buyer. She worked under various divisions and she was made the CMO of the corporation owing to her numerous successes. While serving as the CMO, she took charge of launching the 77kids brand and aerie. The launch was marked with success which saw her being promoted to the position of president of American Eagle Outfitters. Susan worked for the American Eagle Outfitters for more than a decade before finally leaving to start her own trade. Susan started by providing business-consulting services to companies in the financial and retail sector. She briefly worked for the Wet Seal Inc. where she took the position of a chief executive officer. McGalla exhibited her zeal and dedication while performing her duties. Throughout her career, Susan was in a position to register unmatched success as a businessperson as well as encouraging other women to venture into the business world. She was later appointed a member of the board of HFF Inc., a publicly traded firm dealing with real estate. She later quit freelance consulting to start her own company, the P3 Executive Consulting. Given her outstanding successful career, Susan has been able to give talks on guidance and motivation to different women groups. She has always encouraged the young women to put more effort in their undertakings in order to make their dreams a reality. McGalla is experienced in talent management, branding, operational efficiency and marketing. She always shares her experiences and challenges in climbing the corporate ladder.