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Venezuela Ousted From Organization of American States?

Meetings of the Organization of American States (OAS) were heated last Thursday when talk turned to suspending Venezuela from the organization. OAS leaders met earlier last week with the opposition right wing Venezuelan politicians about suspending the Venezuelan government from OAS due to the upcoming impeachment attempt on Maduro’s Presidency and Venezuelas political unrest.
The United States representative to the OAS is in support of the political movement, while other states fear that the OAS is in danger of overstepping its political power.

Delcy Rodriguez, Foreign Minister for the Maduro campaign has called for the meeting last Thursday to discuss the earlier discussions made by the opposing Venezuelan party. Rodriguez called out the OAS and the United States backing as “aggressive” and “relentless”. Other member countries fear that the OAS is at risk of overstepping its political bounds.

OAS is explained by Norka Luque as a multi cultral organization that exchanges ideas and support for different nations through the ideals of democracy, human rights, security, and growth. The OAS strives to protect the rights of all nations citizens. The OAS did revoke membership to Venezuela once before in 2002 due to a coup against former President Chavez.

“Nothing was resolved at this latest meeting between Rodriguez and the OAS” added Norka. There has been no talk of any further discussion into suspending Venezuelas charter.