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Jason Hope Explains the Internet of Things as the Way of Technology

Jason Hope is a known futurist, and his skills are entirely directed to the future technology. He has over the years developed passion in technology as applies his skill on industries current trend to predict the future of technology of the industry. Jason Hope has a belief that the trend in technology indicates that internet of things (commonly known as IoT) going to be the benchmark of the society shortly. This is indicated by the manner in which modern devices become more and more interconnected in one way or another.

Most business can benefit from the advice3 that Jason Hope has based on insight on technology. The companies can get the idea on which way to take to capitalize on technology in the near future. Jason Hope was born and grew up in Tempe. He is a holder of master’s degree in Business Administration from the Arizona State University, and an undergraduate degree in finance from the same university.

Inte3rnet of things is a technology that allows the interconnection of devices. According to Hope, things such as home appliances, office equipment, streetlights, electronic devices, and cars are headed towards being connected to the next generation in technology. By so doing, the daily devices that we use will get connected enabling them to interchange information using the same network to increase their efficiency while minimizing wastage of resources. Hope believes that this will become the change in te3chnology that will stand unbeaten for many years to come. He also believes that it will lead to change in the business world.

According to Hope, major investments that influence the whole world including the largest corporations in the world are likely to take on the internet of things as a way out in the business world. As the giants of the world economy embark on new Internet of Things, other smaller business will have to fight to keep up with the pace. In his vision, Hope says that the world will consist of things that are connected to each other.

Hope predicts that the new technology will in the near future be the only way to advance, rather than just a convenient option. He adds that the importance of embracing the new technology is that due to reduced wastage, the world will become a safe place to live in. For instance, transportation has experienced significant change as it embraces the internet of things.

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Brian Bonar Gives French Chef Master Ponsaty Freedom through the Ranch Bandy Canyon

San Diego has been popular for provision of a rich culinary taste. One of the places that is famous for its wonderful food is the Bellamy restaurant. It is famous for its California modern cuisine that is laced with French taste. The wonderful dining experience is due to the efforts of Brian Bonar, the French Chef Master – more facts:

Ponsaty style of cuisine is French and unique due to his professional training and background from Toulouse. He has various prestigious honors. In 2012, he earned the Meilleurs Ouvrier de France title. This prestigious title has only been awarded twice in San Diego and to only 10 chefs in the whole of California State. He has been a mentor to successful chefs. In 2003, Ponsaty trained a student called Gavin Kaysen. His training made Kaysen rank 3rd worldwide in the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry in Paris.

He has worked in various famous restaurants in the North and especially in Escondido. He was once the Chef de Cuisine of El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn. He later became the Chef de cuisine of Bernardo before joining Bellamy. In his About homepage, he is also the master chef at the Ranch Bandy Canyon which is owned by Brian Bonar.

Ponsaty welcomed his appointment to the ranch as it would give him the environment and freedom he has been seeking for a long time. The ranch environment resembles that of the chefÕs home and moreover, it allows him to make use of the local rich farm groceries.

Brian Bonar

The Ranch at Bandy Canyon will shake San Diego’s dining experience. The property maintains its original 1880s historical look after being remodeled along with several adobe structures. The breath taking hills of Escondido plus a horse ride, wonderful sunset and wine from the vineyard offer a wonderful experience and a great view. Moreover, Ponsaty is already there to provide his ever rich French culinary taste. The menu includes all the top delicacies of Ponsaty cooking.

One of his famous artful plating at the ranch includes Ôa quenelle of magenta- hued SuzieÕs farm beet sorbet with filaments of watercress and a disk of goat cheese; local mushrooms and sea scallops in a lightly truffle-scented Carpaccio; bacon-wrapped monkfish with morels; duck sauvage, wild boar and Spanish hare; cherry-spiked gateau Basque and tender caneles.

Brian Bonar has been a very successful financial executive and entrepreneur. His success in establishing a restaurant mini-empire has been successful due to his ability to pick a great team. His plan for the ranch is to turn it in to an ultimate 4 star event space.

He is the chairman of Trucept and has worked as a leader in Dalrada Financial Services. His background Technical Engineering degree has been vital in helping him determine business structures that are successful.

White Shark Media Leading the Way in the Digital Marketing Industry by Implementing Effective Strategies for Dealing with Complaints

White Shark Media is a global Digital Marketing Agency that provides marketing solutions geared towards assisting small as well as medium-sized businesses to make informed investment decisions. The agency has experienced a fast-paced growth in North America. Currently, it has offices in Atlanta, GA, Denmark, Nicaragua, Scandinavia, Miami, FL, and Central America and looking forward to expanding its operation in other cities. The agency offers personalized services that address unique needs of businesses. Its marketing strategies have helped companies across America to accrue satisfying returns from their investment.


Most clients complement the agency for offering excellent services. They are happy with the response they get anytime they call. They credit their increased sales and success in business to the digital marketing strategies offered by White Shark Media.

Most clients are happy with the communication solutions that the agency has implemented. Some complement the online conferencing tool that has enabled them to review monthly reports. Most have noted improvement in strategies for dealing with complaints and quality of services.

Dealing with complaints

White Media Shark has enjoyed an incredible online presence and positive comments from both loyal and new clients. It has been showered with compliments. However, it has received complaints from few clients. The agency goal is to ensure every client is happy, hence has an effective complaints management strategies that ensure clients are always happy with the service rendered.

Dealing with AdWords Campaigns complaints

White Shark Media has implemented effective reporting procedures that allow business owners to review its report and be informed of the activities that are being carried out by the agency. Each client is provided a detailed explanation of what the AdWords campaign entails. The knowledge will help the clients to track the performance of particular keywords as well as ads.

Eradicating communication issue

Maintaining an effective communication with the client is the primary objective of White Shark Media. The agency has implemented a communication program that will address the unique needs of clients.

Monthly reviews via GoTomeeting

The agency provides an opportunity for clients to review monthly reports and AdWords account through the GoToMeeting virtual conference tool. Both new and old clients have praised this development due to its efficiency.

Direct contact with professionals

Clients will be able to interact with agency’s professionals and get the necessary assistance within a short period. Each customer will be assigned a contact person as well as person’s supervisor.

Call tracking

White Shark Media confirmed that most of the enquiries were made via phone. Therefore, the agency has collaborated with Marchex to keep tracks of the calls that are made by clients. This service will ensure all enquiries that are made by clients are responded to on time. Therefore, the service is compulsory for local business owners and has been included in the agency’s AdWords management program.