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How Chris Linkas Uses His Extensive Experience In The Financial Industry To Help Younger People Know How To Invest For Retirement

Chris Linkas is a professional in the financial industry. Chris Linkas has worked in Boston, MA as well as Herndon, VA and New York, NY. He found an opportunity to work in his field in 2003 and he has lived in London, UK, ever since. His career often brings him into contact with younger people who have questions about getting started on saving for retirement. As he tells them the earlier the better.

The reason why this is the case is that compounding interest can greatly magnify what you have saved over time as each dollar earns more and more dollars. Chris Linkas has seen this happen with his own eyes as he manages investments for the companies he has worked for over the years. He says that if you beat everyone else to the punch and start early you’re going to end up in a lot better financial situation later down the road in relation to your peers.

Chris Linkas says that he has learned during the course of his professional career that how old a person in is a big part of how much risk tolerance they have. Younger people have plenty of time to recover from any market crash and should view it as a buying opportunity. He takes this view during his job as well which involves investing in alternative assets in Europe. When he sees something has lost a lot of value and he thinks it is now undervalued he is quick to jump in and invest in it.

Another thing that Chris Linkas wants younger people to know about investing is that everyone makes mistakes. In Chris Linkas current position as the European Head of Credit for his current company he doesn’t always get everything right. The goal is to get things right more often than you get them wrong, he says, which is a philosophy that will grow the income of the company you work for as well as your own retirement account. He also suggests everyone stay objective and decide if the investments they hold still make sense or not given current and potential future market conditions.