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The Fortress Investment Group-A guide on how to make the right investments

Mergers and acquisitions may seem like a straightforward business, but those who have had the experience will want to dispute this assertion. This has been of the specialties of the fortress investment Group who have been in the industry since 1998. The group has been able to achieve levels of success that saw them become the first privately held equity firm to list on the NYSE. The Fortress Investment Group has over the years enjoyed steady growth and management under the hands of its founders Wesley R. Edens and Randal Nardone. They began the firm with only four hundred million and by the time they brought on Peter Briger to start the credit and real estate business they were already worth more than three billion dollars. The group has its headquarters in New York while it has a subsidiary in San Francisco where Peter Briger is located.

As of 2016, the firm had over two thousand five hundred employees spread out all over the firm and helping bring in revenues of approximately one billion dollars annually. These revenues have been a result of investment vehicles that include, but not limited to, permanent investment vehicles that include New media investment group and the new senior investment group. Over the years the fortress investment group has made a number of other acquisitions that include Penn national gaming which was done in partnership with Centerbridge partners. This investment was made at a time when casinos were experiencing phenomenal growth while the horse racing venues were also performing quite well. The fortress investment Group has also been a very consistent investor in the railroad department apart from the highly successful Brightline investment the won the bid to acquire assets belonging to the defunct Montreal, Mainde and Atlantic railway. This sale would eventually amount to approximately sixteen billion dollars and was completed in May of 2015. The railways would require some repairs that would help it return to its optimal levels, which would eventually cost the group roughly ten billion dollars. This investment is however expected to offer a very attractive return on investment.

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Financial Independence Is Made Easy With Southridge Capital’s Financial Solutions

Financial solutions companies are becoming more popular these days due to a high number of people around the country having difficulties maintaining their finances. While it is unfortunate that so many people find themselves in a financial crisis at some point in their lives, the good news is that there are companies like Southridge Capital that are dedicated to helping people through their difficult financial situations. Southridge Capital is one of the leading financial solution companies in the country today, with a team of financial experts ready day and night to handle their client’s financial problems. For more details visit Ideamensch to see more.


Southridge urges people to seek the help of a financial solution company if they are having trouble because it takes the stress out of life and allows people to take back control of their financial independence. Over the past two decades, Southridge Capital has been working with clients from their main office location in Connecticut, and today they have helped thousands of clients gain control of their financial lives. Southridge also makes it easy for their clients as they are not invasive in their process. All they need is a little information and they do the rest of the work, regularly information their client about the steps they are taking. Check out to know more.



Sometimes people don’t realize that financial solutions companies work with anyone regardless of their current financial status. Whether someone is just starting out on their own or they own a string of businesses, Southridge Capital can help sort out financial issues or create a plan designed for success to prevent any future problems. Debt is one of the hardest things to deal with as an individual, as there are all sorts of fees attached to being late on payments, which causes an infinite loop of debt. Anyone facing a financial crisis should pick up the phone and call their local financial solutions company to get back on track with their financial lives.



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Why Southridge Capital Has Helped Those in Need

When you’re experiencing a lot of financial problems, there may come a time when you just don’t think that you’re ever going to get ahead of yourself. This might be a major problem for you, especially if you’re experiencing a lot of debt problems and are not able to take out loans or mortgages because of a poor credit score. Once you have realized this for yourself and know that you can only do so much, it is time for you to think about choosing a financial solutions company like Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital is there to help right any of the wrongs happening with your finances right now.

There are a lot of people right now making use of Southridge Capital with amazing success. The reason a lot of people have chosen Southridge Capital is because it’s a trustworthy company that is unlike anything you might have used in the past. This is because it’s a company that works on a range of different financial problems. Not only can they help individuals and homeowners experiencing debt and credit score problems, but they also work with business owners who have larger financial problems and need professional help getting over these issues. The greatest thing that comes with hiring Southridge is their cost for all of the services involved. It is not going to cost a lot of money at all to make use of this type of company and have them work on your financial issues.

The moment you make the decision to hire Southridge Capital, you’ll find that the burden is automatically lifted from your shoulders. This is essential for getting ahead in life and encouraging you to feel confident about the fact that you’re doing something positive for yourself and your future well-being. No one likes to life under an umbrella of debt and financial worries, so it is about time that you reached out for the help that you need and get it from a company that is not only full of trust, but also has years of experience working with people in your situation as well. Visit Facebook page.

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Buy stocks that go up with Paul Mampilly

Very few people get rich because of their regular jobs. Those who become rich do so because they are wise investors. Paul Mampilly, having found success in investing has dedicated himself to helping others become rich through investing. He is the founder of the newsletter, Profits Unlimited, where he guides his readers on how to buy stocks that grow. The advice he gives in his writings are not generic. He draws from his own experience of picking stocks that grow. He also is the editor of Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum; all of these newsletters are published by Bayan Hill Publishing.

Mr Mampilly has made most of his money by picking stocks rightly. Recently, he expressed his confidence in Myriad Genetics stocks. Considering this firms line of business; they use molecular diagnostic DNA sequencing to test and find any hereditary illness written in the DNA that might manifest later in life. These tests help doctors prevent diseases like Diabetes and heart attack from ever happening. Apart from their line of business, their payment structures and long term goals are considered to be favourable to investors. He says that this company’s stocks will most likely shoot up. Therefore, investing in it is considered to be wise.

One of Paul Mampilliy’s passions is teaching. He says he finds fulfilment in seeing other people make money following the advice he gave them. It’s his way of giving back. The same strategies he used can be replicated and see regular people become millionaires. Because of this, he tries to break down the information he shares in articles so that even this who do not have a financial background can get rich following the shared information. His 90,000 subscribers are a testimony that his work as a teacher is appreciated and treasured by many.

Before becoming an editor and contributor at Bayan Hills Publication, Mr Mampilly worked at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager in 1991. While working in this position, he got to learn the plumbing of Wall Street. He learnt when and why money flows on Wall Street the way it does. Eager to learn, Mr Mampilly quickly scaled up the corporate ladder and soon became prominent enough to handle money for big companies like the Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank. Because of his knowledge of the Wall Street trade, he has been on CNBC, Bloomberg and many other TV stations to give his opinion on market trends.

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Anthony Petrello Joins Texas Children’s Hospital Board Of Trustees And Donates To Fundraiser

The Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston has had some notable contributors to its neurological research institute which was originally started by Dan and Jan Duncan. One of its most affluent contributors is Nabors Industries CEO Anthony Petrello who gave $7 million in a recent fundraiser. Petrello knows quite a bit about neurological disorders being the father of a young girl named Carena who was born with PVL and has cerebral palsy. Carena’s condition could not be cured, but Petrello is confident that the team of physicians and research specialists at this institute can one day find treatment solutions through advanced medical technologies if the business community takes action.

Anthony Petrello was one of the highest paid CEOs at Nabors Industries at one time with a compensation of $68.3 million in 2013. He has a base pay of about $1.5 million according to recent reports, but he also has a lot of compensations tied up in bonus pay and equity. Petrello is responsible for Nabors Industries’ investment strategies and technology development initiatives.

Prior to joining Nabors Industries in 1991, Petrello was an attorney for Baker & McKenzie. He graduated from Yale University with a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in advanced mathematics. He later attended Harvard law school where he received his J.D. and then passed the New York bar. Petrello’s practice included corporate law and investment regulations, and he guided clients through issues such as underwriting, tax compliance, offshore investment accounts and other SEC-related matters.

Profiting from a Down Market Starts by Investing with Highland Capital Investment

When choosing an investment firm, one has to go over the fundamentals of the company carefully. For starters, nothing oozes more confidence than dealing with a vastly experienced company which boasts of an impeccable track record of delivering sublime results for their clients. A smart investor first examines the financial statements of the prospective SEC registered company before proceeding any further. Highland Capital Management satisfies the above-mentioned criteria among other pertinent aspects too. Here’s their story.


Underlying Principles


Highland Capital Management is bounded by the philosophical principles of experience, discipline, and boldness. Today, the investment firm is said to hold assets just shy of clocking the $15 million mark. The organization specializes in providing affordable credit to high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients. This establishment has made an indelible mark on the financial world for their flexible collateralized loans obligations. Consumers always win thanks to their carefully selected short/long term equities investments. Additionally, the clients receive accurate, well- researched insights and advice on where to put their money for instance on the emerging markets, on pension plans and endowments.


Background Information


The company got set up by the prominent investors, James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. The firm is recognized and registered by the financial regulatory body, the SEC. Highland Capital has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and affiliates all over the nation and the globe.


Stock Watch 2017


A leading investment advisor of the firm, Gregory Michael was quite optimistic when speaking to Market Watch recently. He noted how the oil prices slump of early 2016 came as blessings to their investors. The dip in oil prices provided them with a remarkable opportunity to buy-in pipeline stocks and shares at favorable rates. In 2017, Gregory expects great tidings for the presently poorly performing health care stocks. Health stocks account for roughly a quarter of the total investment by Highland Capital. The seasoned investor also gave an in-depth analysis of the other investment sectors his company dabbles in.


Charity Work


The hedge firm understands perfectly the need to give back to the surrounding communities. To that effect, they have come up with several initiatives meant at empowering their employees and the communities they operate from. So far, the establishment has donated more than $10 million to various notable charity causes worldwide.