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Kim Kardashian Ready For Baby Number 3 Already

We are all still in shock over Kim’s announcement of being pregnant with her second child, for awhile it seemed that she would not be able to have another child and after her complications with North, Kim insisted that she didn’t want another baby. After having North and falling head over heels in love with her, Kim and Kanye got right on with making their second child, but it wasn’t easy. Kim had to undergo IVF and even an emergency surgery before she was finally able to get pregnant again, now that she is expecting a baby boy, everyone expects her to be done with the baby making but Kim has other plans.

During an interview, the team at Boraie Development said Kim actually shared that she would now consider having a third child. So far her second pregnancy is going very smoothly and she is hoping that her delivery will be problem free, if so she will be attempting to conceive a third child.

Considering Kim and Kanye’s relationship and their love of family, it isn’t odd that they are excited to have a big family to share their love with. North will have lots of brothers and sister and Kim and Kanye will have the empire they have always wanted. For now everyone is just going to have to keep watching Kim’s growing baby bump and hoping for the best. If nothing else Kim’s pregnancy style and fashion this time around is worth the trouble.