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Jurassic World Breaks More Records

In 1993, Steven Speilberg brought Micheal Chricton’s Jurassic Park to the life. According to Susan McGalla on her personal site, his feature film is considered by many industry insiders to be among the greatest films ever created, and the blockbuster was a landmark in both traditional animatronics and computer generated imaging. Last weekend, the fourth film in the franchise Jurassic World opened worldwide. It broke down box office records like a T-rex breaks a fence once the electricity is turned off. Jurassic World took home the best opening box office of all time, and the best international opening weekend as well. In its second weekend, the blockbuster has smashed even more records.

The film’s second weekend earned $106.6 million domestically. It continued to be the number one in the box office and garnered enough revenue to break the record for the best second weekend for a film. Combined with the global revenue from last weekend, Jurassic World stands at $987.2 million. Based on the data from the weekend alone,The Korea Times was willing to give the title of fastest 1 billion dollar film to Jurassic World. By their estimates the film would break the billion dollar mark 13 days after hitting the box office. The record was previously held by Furious 7 which took 17 days to make a billion dollars.

The news of Jurassic World’s success is a slight blow to Disney and Pixar. The animation studio launched their film Inside Out this weekend. It did take home the record opening for an original film and fourth best opening for an animated film; however, dinosaurs continue to hog the spotlight.