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Nutrimost Sues Over Promotional Video

Nutrimost, the famous weight loss company that has helped thousands of people lose weight safely and easily, is suing Healthy Living, a weight loss competitor, for using one of the company’s promotional videos.

According to Manhattan Federal Court, Nutrimost’s suit claims that Healthy Living stole their promotional video from their website and posted it on its own site. Apparently, Healthy Living used the same exact video and just replaced the Nutrimost weight loss system with their own “Can’t Lose Diet” program. What is more, Nutrimost is saying that Healthy Living even used their customer testimonials as their own.

According to the suit, Healthy Living is using the exact same patented program Nutrimost uses to help people lose weight. Just like Nutrimost, Healthy Living was claiming to help clients lose 20 to 45 pound in 40 days without having to resort to drugs, exercise, prepackaged meals, or surgery.

For now, Healthy Living has pulled the video off of their website but Nutrimost is still pushing for a court order to bar Healthy Living from ever posting it again. Nutrimost also wants a settlement of $300,000 for the theft. They say that the stolen property has caused them a loss of goodwill and reputation.


Nutrimost is different than most weight loss methods and programs in that it is tailor-made to an individual’s specific metabolism. Once the metabolism is corrected, the weight automatically comes off without hard exercise, fat-burning pills, or strict diets.

Once the weight is off, the second step of the Nutrimost system is implemented. This step provides the tools that helps keep the weight off for good. Weight loss is not the only benefit to the Nutrimost program either. Almost everyone who has tried it claims that they have more energy, feel healthier, and are internally stable.

The best part of the Nutrimost weight loss system is the ease in which the weight drops off. The system relies upon minor adjustments to rectify the body’s natural ability to metabolize food. Once the metabolism is adjusted, it knows just what to do with those stubborn and hard to lose pounds.

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