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Dr. Saad Saad shares the dangers of children swallowing unwanted objects

Dr. Saad Saad is an experienced pediatric surgeon with over 40 years of experience extracting foreign objects from the trachea and esophagus of patients up to 14 years of age. In a recent interview, he shared some tips for parents in case their child swallows an unwanted object.


A kid swallows an unwanted object, what’s next?


To consider what immediate action is recommended, one must first take age into account.


For children six years or younger; an object can be removed by holding the child upside down and tapping on their back. For children older than six years old, the preferred procedure is the Heimlich. The Heimlich procedure involves wrapping your hands below the ribcage and plunging the abdomen inward repeatedly.


It is very important to never try to pull out the object manually, this is known to often push it further down the throat. These strategies are to be used instantly and as a first aid procedure. If these procedures do not quickly work it is vital to visit the emergency room as soon as possible.


It can be difficult to easily know if your child has swallowed an unwanted object, and there are certain signs to look for if you have the suspicion. A child can experience trouble with respiration, wheezing, or trouble swallowing; it is also very possible for an item to remain stuck for several days without showing major symptoms.


Threatening objects you should know about


Many items big and small can be dangerous in different ways. Bigger objects such as coinage or sausages can easily get trapped and block the esophagus; objects like batteries are also very dangerous as the acid can leak and produce damage to internal organs.


It is VERY important to also keep an eye for smaller foods such as nuts. Nuts like cashews or peanuts can also get trapped and block the trachea. Once stuck, these can be fatal as they become harder to remove when bodily fluids soak in and cause them to expand.


More about Dr. Saad Saad


Dr. Saad Saad grew up in Kuwait along with seven siblings. He was accepted at Cairo University, where he graduated with honors receiving a medical degree. Upon graduation, he relocated to the U.K. where he completed an internship to then move to the U.S.


After a short time, he proved himself in pediatric surgery and became board-certified, a certification limited to only the best practitioners in the medical field. Although now retired, Dr. Saad is well known and respected by many others in his field. He now resides in New Jersey and credits Abraham Lincoln’s writings as one of his influences in the vision he has toward humanity of all races and religions. Learn more:


Dr. Saad Saad Highly Respected Pediatric Surgeon Based in Eatontown, NJ

The world of medicine is not for everyone, and only the selected few can accomplish what Dr. Saad Saad has achieved in his career spanning nearly fifty years. Dr. Saad Saad is currently practicing in Eatontown, New Jersey. He is one of the most noted pediatric surgeons in the region and is affiliated to some medical facilities and hospitals in the area, including Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Clara Maass Medical Center, and Monmouth Medical Center. During his career spanning over forty years, Dr. Saad Saad has performed thousands of medical surgeries to treat his patients.


In a recent interview, Dr. Saad Saad opened up about his life and career and spoke about the time when he was specially chosen as the personal pediatric surgeon for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. There are several reasons behind why Dr. Saad Saad was selected, and one of the reasons is that he had considerable experience in the field of pediatric surgery and was board certified surgeon as well.


Moreover, he was the only board-certified pediatric surgeon in the United States who could speak Arabic as well as English fluently. It gave him an added advantage to be chosen over other shortlisted. While serving the Royal Saudi family, Dr. Saad Saad stayed in Riyadh along with his family for nearly five years. It was a comprehensive as well as adventurous practicing experience for him as he mentioned in the interview.


The upbringing of Dr. Saad Saad is also one of the reasons why he was chosen to serve as the personal pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royal Family. He was one of the eight children in his family, with all others being surgeons, teacher or Ph.D. holder. He has done his medical studies from Cairo University in Egypt and has practiced in England as well before settling in the United States. Being a board-certified surgeon is a tough job, and it needs rigorous practice, constant learning, and passing the board exams every ten years.


While serving the Royal Saudi Family, he practiced at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital, which mostly served the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, but other royals from the neighboring countries often visited as well. During this time, Dr. Saad Saad was often called upon to perform simplest to the most complicated surgeries and has at times produced incredible results through his operations that have become case studies that were published in medical journals.


Dr. Saad Saad is also committed to giving back to the community in his native country as well as in the United States and participates in different medical missions across the globe. He is known as a physician who is always learning as well as pushing the boundaries of the unknown to set new benchmarks and develop new medical procedures in the process. Learn more:



Dr. Jennifer Walden Expanding Company

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a successful cosmetic surgeon in the Dallas area. Over the years, she has managed a thriving cosmetic surgery practice in the area. When she attended medical school, few people knew about cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is now widespread. Millions of people each year utilize cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks. Cosmetic surgery also has medical applications for various procedures.

Graduating from School

Medical school is challenging for anyone to finish. However, Dr. Jennifer Walden wanted to become a doctor her entire life. She worked hard to achieve all of her goals in life. While in medical school, she was mentored by some of the most prominent leaders in the medical field.

Once she graduated, she worked in a hospital for several years. Although she enjoyed the work, she wanted to interact with patients more. She decided to open a cosmetic surgery practice in her area. Opening a medical business is a substantial financial risk, but Dr. Jennifer Walden was prepared to be successful.

Business Owner

Dr. Jennifer Walden loved being a business owner. She enjoyed interacting with clients on a regular basis. As a business owner, she could decide how much to work each day. Working in the medical field is difficult because of the long hours required each day. There were many days when Dr. Jennifer Walden only slept for a few hours.

With a successful cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Jennifer Walden is excited about the future. She is ready to expand her company to serve more clients. She also volunteers to help others in the local community.

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Dr. David Samadi: The Man behind SMART technique

Where did David Samadi grow up?

David Samadi was born in a Persian Jewish community that is in Iran. In 1979, the Iranian Revolution had ended and at the age of 15 Samadi left with his younger sibling to further their education in Belgium as well as London, UK.

Where did he attend school?

The boys settled in Roslyn, New York where they graduated from high school. Samadi studied at Stony Brook University earning bachelors in biochemistry all on a full scholarship from the school. Samadi did not stop there as he received his M.D from Stony Brook School of Medicine in 1994. He excelled in his dual postgraduate urology training at Montefiore Medical(2000) and proctology at Albert Einstein Medical College in 1996. Samadi proceeded with an Oncology in proctology while at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Center for Cancer in the year 2001. In 2002, he studied under Professor Claude Abbou while in France at Henri Mondor Hospital.

What is the SMART technique that he developed?

Samadi developed the SMART technique to help with recovery after prostate surgery and the recovery time after surgery. This technique drastically decreases the amount of damage that can be done during surgery as well as speed up the recovery for the patient. He teamed up the DaVinci robot and the SMART technique for unbelievable results that would yield up only 24 hours needed before being released from the hospital after surgery. With this, patients can expect to be back to work anywhere between one and three weeks. This technique does come with a warning as it is very advanced and should never be performed in early learning with robotic surgery.

Where does he work?

Samadi currently works at Lenox Hill Hospital where he is a Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery.

What is Dr. David Samadi TV?

Dr. David Samadi TV is a brilliant creation from Samadi that showcases his skills and updates with his works. On the site, you are able to observe any live workings that he chooses to share, an about me that give detailed information about his life, and his progress over the years. For those not sure about what is going wrong with their bodies, they can use the symptom checker in order to determine if a doctor is needed immediately. There are videos and blog posts written by Dr. David Samadi to educate those that are unaware or wanting to know more. Finally yet importantly, he has news media and a way to contact him.

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Dr. Mark McKenna; Bringing Healthcare Closer to You

Dr. Mark McKenna, who is both a doctor and an entrepreneur has founded many companies as well as organizations. Some of them include the McKenna Crescent Investment Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, and most recently, OVME. OVME has been dealing with the production of aesthetic through the use of technology. The products from the company are used in the provision of healthcare services in different medical institutions. Since its founding in July 2017, the firm has come up with several inventions. Mark is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and has helped the company open clinics in areas like Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Nashville. Through his efforts, the firm has also launched a mobile health app. These things have been made possible through funds amounting to four million dollars from investment firms.

Dr. Mark McKenna aims at providing clients with medical access at their places of residence through the clinics and mobile application. When they fall sick, they’ll just have to report through their phones, and one of the qualified doctors will come to their rescue. This will bring a lot of convenience to the sick person since it’s easier when the doctor is moving to where the patient is instead of the patient having to go to the doctor. Dr. Mark McKenna is approved by the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners as well as the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. He studied at the Tulane University Medical School and began to work in the medicine sector alongside his father who was a physician.

After serving in healthcare sector, he pursued his passion for real estate, and this saw him open the McKenna Crescent Investment Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title. The company hosted around fifty-five employees who contributed to its success in the construction industry. Dr. Mark McKenna has received many awards for his contributions including the Black Diamond certification from the Allergan Inc. He has featured in the Doctorpreneur show on CBS and continues to receive more recognition every day.

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The Inventive Surgeon, Scientist and Entrepreneur, Cameron Clokie

Dr. Cameron Clokie is an esteemed maxillofacial and oral surgeon who has invested in science. He has constantly taken advantage of the new trends that have emerged in medicine. Cameron Clokie is the current CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., a corporation that majors in regenerative medicine of musculoskeletal rebuilding. He has been tutoring dentistry and clinical medicine for over thirty years, promoted to be the leader at the University of Toronto’s Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 1998. He then became a professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery there until he retired in 2017. Dr. Cameron has offered his services as a board member in various scientific companies.

As a writer, Dr. Cameron Clokie has made publications and many presentations about bone restoration and regenerative medicine in Canada and the international field. He is an expert in bone healing and he has used the wisdom to add knowledge in the manufacture products that help in bone recovery.

Stem Cell treatment has been translated by many until it is dilute. Basically, a cell from donor tissue cells is used to treat disease in a patient. There is more than meets the eye, the selected cells, molecules and biomaterials heal the parts that are damaged and injured.

With the strides that have been made in modern medicine, more research needs to be done to ensure that specific therapies are discovered. Many private hospitals are administering procedures that are still being studied and this is risky according to Cameron Clokie.

Blood transfusion was the earliest form of regenerative medicine and cell therapy followed by bone marrow transplant that helped the blood cancer patient have a long life and recovery. People who have had severe burns can have a cell therapy with stem cells form the same patient. This kind of treatment needs to be specifically for proven diseases and not fields that are still being studied.

Regenerative medicine has an advantage in that the treated patient will have an increased life span and improved quality of living with new cells. The drawback that it has and usually brings little efficiency due to the way doctors administer the operation. It is expensive with only experts needed to carry out the task.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s Innovative Ideas that Became Successful

Visualization and meditation are empowering tools for boosting self-awareness and consciousness. They are also a healthy way of introducing a positive energy into the body, spirit, and mind; thus, expanding the capacity for creativity. This is how Dr. Mark McKenna licensed medical doctor in medicine and surgery, has used to bring productive ideas to life. By combining active goal setting and mediation, Dr. McKenna has successfully founded and led medical companies. He is the founder and Chief Executive officer of OVME; a technology-enabled and consumer-focused medical aesthetic firm seeking to reinvent elective healthcare.

Dr. McKenna has been featured as a guest in the CBS television show; Doctorpreneur that underscores the entrepreneurial spirit in the healthcare and medical communities. He was joined by other respected medical practitioners including Dr. Christopher Reeves; MD, Chief Financial Officer of Concorida Anesthesiology Inc. and Dr. Stanford Plavin; MD, President of Georgia Mobile Anesthesiologist that offers mobile, first class services in non-hospital platforms.

Dr. McKenna started a real estate business immediately after graduating from Tulane Medical School in 1999. His goal was to make extra money to supplement what he was earning from his medical practice. Unfortunately, he lost property worth millions of dollars when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. Unmoved by the loss, he rebuilt the real estate company but later dissolved it and moved to Atlanta. While practicing, Dr. McKenna offered cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal, Botox injection, weight counseling, and nutrition. As a result, he was able to make annual revenue of $4 million and the company’s EBITDA margin was 20 percent.

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