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An Overview Of Clay Hutson’s Exciting Musical Journey

Clay Hutson is a force to reckon with in today’s pop music scene. His passion for music developed from a young age, and he was keen to pursue a career in the music business after his studies. Clay started out as a production manager and sound technician for several entertainment companies and even worked with Bill Graham’s tour agency. These stints provided him with the experience he needed to start his company, and when the recession hit a company he was working for, he saw this as the perfect exit strategy and left to establish his company.


Most days for Clay as a stage manager involve him spending time inspecting and managing the event spaces and venues. Currently, he is working on concerts for Kid Rock, and he disclosed to BlogWepidia during an interview that he ensures he is involved in every detail to guarantee the success of the shows. Clay is a visionary who uses his visions and knowledge to create unique ideas and concepts for events. He also admits that his practical nature has also helped him develop and bring most of his thoughts to life. One habit that has enabled him to grow and become a successful entrepreneur is planning which allows him to anticipate the future.


Clay Hutson is excited by the technologies that glam up the live performance aspect in the music business. He notes that it is a rapidly changing scene that requires the players to keep abreast with the changes to remain relevant. The music producer says that he likes artists who go out of their way to create energetic dance and performance routines to give their fans new and exciting experiences. He admits that he enjoys performances of artists like Pink, whom he has worked with on different occasions to design, plan and produce her shows.


The music mostly uses his website and LinkedIn to market his services. He also relies on referrals to sell himself. One of his greatest /accomplishments this year is managing Halsey’s global tour. The singer hopes to thrill her fans in various cities like London, Las Vegas, and Singapore and collaborate with other artists. In the past, Clay has toured with a band called Garbage. He attended the Central University of Michigan where he graduated with a degree in theatre design. He also holds a Master’s in Business administration from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

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