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The Influence Of Desiree Perez On The Music Industry

There is a lot more to Desiree Perez than being the COO for Roc Nation. She is the driving force for many of the biggest male and female names in the music sector. She is married to Juan Perez and the couple belong to the Hova Circle of Influence. This circle encompasses the investors and influencers in the entertainment and music business. It took a great deal of strength for Desiree Perez to make it to the top of an industry dominated by men. Numerous individuals enjoy celebrity status due to her influence. The face of Roc Nation may be Jay Z but the heart is Desiree Perez. She is known for her compassion, toughness and steadiness.

The estimated revenue for the entertainment and music industry for 2016 was approximately $17.2 billion. This accounts for one-third of the worldwide revenue for the sector. Although men hold most of the leadership roles there are some powerful female executives including Desiree Perez. She made the Women in Music List in 2017 for Billboard. This list covers the best female influencers, dealmakers, tastemakers including discovering talent, negotiating contracts, protecting rights and making records. Desiree Perez is well known among the top record labels, music executives, marketing departments and promotion managers.

The record label of Roc Nation manages music artists, songwriters, sound engineers and producers. In addition to publishing music the label is involved with television and film deals, merchandising and handling tours. The company has signed Santigold and Wale, Shakira, Rita Ora, Timbaland, Calvin Harris, NO ID and J. Cole. Desiree Perez was responsible for Jay Z Carter evolving from a rapper to a well known business mogul. She has been contributing to Roc Nation since 2009 and her influence has been critical for the success of the company. During her time with Roc Nation she has become a serious negotiator.

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The Chainsmokers Winning the Audience With their Creative Music

Many new music genres have been added to the list of genres in recent years, and one of it is EDM, an abbreviation for electronic dance music. There have been many artists who have been using their creativity to produce something new and unique to entice the audience, and one of the DJ and Production Duo that has been successful in captivating the audience with their music is The Chainsmokers. The duo consists of two leading artists, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, and their first experience of fame was when they released their first single named Selfie. Their song “Selfie” became a global hit, and subsequently, they released another album by the name of Bouquet which consisted of a song named Roses, which was in the top 10 US Billboard Hot 100.

One of their other songs by the name of “Don’t Let me Down” also reached the top five singles category and won Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording as well. The Chainsmokers have been unstoppable since then and as given many hit singles since then, including “Closer,” which went on to be the number one single for twelve weeks in a row. The Chainsmokers have won many awards since they entered the mainstream music industry, including five iHeartRadio Music Awards and two American Music Awards. Both their EP, namely Bouquet and College are much loved by the audience and have been downloaded millions of times online. In 2017, the Chainsmokers released their first studio album named Memories. Do Not Open.

In 2018, the Chainsmokers have released their new single by the name of Sick Boy, which has been gaining much love from the audience world over. The Chainsmokers has been touring across the globe in many different countries, and their popularity has been growing at a massive pace. Their new single Sick Boy is gaining popularity world over, and the lyrics written by them has been widely appreciated as well. Their background with Djing and music has helped them unearth their creativity to the maximum. The loyal patrons of the Chainsmokers have been giving rave reviews to the duo for their new singles, which has been moving up in charts with every passing day.

Sick Boy creators: The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers dynamic duo consisting of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have debuted several other successful, number-breaking songs, most popular being “Paris,” “Closer”, “Something Just Like This” that featured the group Coldplay. The Chainsmokers as a group were re-created to become an EDM DJ group back in 2012 with the help of their manager at that time, Adam Alpert. Pall was already known for his DJing skills when Alpert introduced him to Taggart. Pall went to NYU to major in Art history and Music. Taggart was across the way at Syracuse University while doing an internship for Interscope Records.

Taggart was making a name for himself on Soundcloud with a few DJing tracks that he released after taking an interest in perfecting the skill. The duo began taking tracks from Indie bands and creating remixes to them and putting them out on Soundcloud. In 2012, Indian recording artist Priyanka Chopra paired up with the Chainsmokers for the song “Erase” and then for the song “The Rookie”, which debuted in the early Spring of 2013. Currently, Pall and Taggart just released their anticipated track titled “Sick Boy”. The duo stated that they try to stay current with their genre of music when releasing new material. Taggart mentioned during the interview with Hugh McIntyre, that the group has not released a song in about nine months, which is a record-breaking length of time for them. For the group to elevate to a higher level, The lodging giant and American Express along with attending several different music genres of concerts over the span of a few years made it possible.

The sound of “Sick Boy”, is by far out of left field, but close to the box for them. The Chainsmokers have always had music that has been on the heavily lyrical side, showing a reflection of their generation and what is like to be apart of a movement that relates to other people. McIntyre mentions speaking with Pall and Taggart before they went on stage at in New York City at the Conrad hotel for a member special event. It is amazing to think that the duo has only been mainstream for the last two years, since December of 2013 with a free concert, where it feels as if they have been around forever.

More Fun While Working With The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall

With a highly anticipated new single being released titled Closer, Mathias Rosenzweig interviewed the popular band – The Chainsmokers. When it comes to working in different cities for inspiration, Alex Pall said along the lines of, when in a city that you’re supposed to be doing work, it can be scary when you’re actually having fun in the pursuit. While visiting an art gallery, I was hit with the fact that dance music was a major part of my life and was consuming it. So, with that revelation, Pall decided to give the want of creating music a chance.


The group has taken in the influence from Deadmau5, who is known for his synths and 808 drops, but the group is wanting to try something different and reveal themselves to the world one day at a time. There is a numbing euphoric feeling with the Chainsmokers genre, but it’s often saturated with a void of emotion. The group understands now that when you’re a developing artist, you want the world to hear what you’re releasing before you put out another song. (Learn about Pall on his Interview Magazine: The Chainsmokers)


Pall mentions that their day would start a 9 am and would not end until 7 pm when it came to work together and creating new songs. Because of that thought process, they knew having Drew sing on their new track “Closer” would be a hit. With a new song dropped, the group also has a fall tour in the final stages that will more than likely date in the Spring of ’17 opposed to the fall.


The group has collected so many memorable memories with their fans from postings to the fans saying these things to their face, but Alex Pall is more astounded by the fact that the group will get messages that say, “My 6-year-old daughter loves your songs.” It doesn’t stop there. The Chainsmokers have received numerous videos of youngsters and elders alike singing to their songs. Read This Article to learn more.

The King Of Pop Is Back

Impersonators, especially those who choose some of the world’s finest entertainers as their act, help keep the past alive. They undergo intense training, often self-initiated, in order to have the ability to have their character down to their mannerisms. The character’s appearance, speech, and even dance moves are all a part of the package. Dedication, perseverance, and motivation are the most important factors for impersonators. The most famous person that is the most impersonated is Elvis Presley. He was an icon and changed his culture. But there was one other person who did the same, albeit in a different time period. That person, of course, was Michael Jackson.

The number of persons who impersonate Michael reach far into the thousands range. Being able to look like him comes down to make-up and wardrobe, but having the ability to dance like him take another level of dedication to get down. That’s why Sergio Cortes, or better known as the impersonator of Michael Jackson, is known as the best. When it comes to the looks, moves, sounds, and overall feel, there are many times he is mistaken as the real Michael Jackson.

Growing up, Sergio already had the look of Michael Jackson. He had the defined jaw line, skin tone, and same shaped eyes. The similarities were so close that he was used for photo shoots that were passed of as the real Michael Jackson. After realizing he had more than just the looks, he began study the movements and voice pattern of Michael in order to keep his memory alive. He began performing and building a fan base that includes a Facebook page with other 9,000 likes. He has multiple videos on YouTube that received tens of thousands of views. There are even other users that have uploaded his video to spread the word.

In 2009, Sergio began to take the career seriously and unleashed his years of hard work into the world. He quickly rose in popularity due to his uncanny ability to impersonate the King of Pop. With little improvement to make and much room to grow as an icon, Sergio is single handily keeping the memory of Michael Jackson alive. There’s no telling where this will go since he’s already the most famous and best impersonator of Michael Jackson. The only sure thing is that Sergio’s hard word and dedication has helped him make a career out of being his own version of the King of Pop.

Sergio Cortes Nails Michael Jackson Impersonation

Impersonating a celebrity is no easy task and to most is considered a form of art due to how difficult it is to achieve. The ability to copy an individual’s walk, talk, and other various skills requires hard work and a great deal of time, especially when it is someone as famous as Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes, who also goes by the name Sergio Jackson has completely mastered his impersonation of the moonwalking “King of Pop” who changed music around the world. Cortes gained a high level of popularity in his home country of Brazil when his singing performances and dance style was so similar to Michael Jackson’s that people praised his authenticity. He captures the energetic essence of one of the greatest entertainers that has ever existed.

Cortes’s voice matches the pitch perfect tone that Jackson himself practiced repeatedly and his dress and style are a match to what you would expect from the deceased legend. Whether watching Cortes live or in one of his many youtube videos, you can see the immense talent and dedication he has put into recreating the performances that many longed to see when Jackson was alive. As an employee of Destiny Projects, which specializes in managing artistic development, he is deemed one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators to ever exist. Spectators have reported that if you could compare the two side-by-side today, they would look nearly identical and they could easily be confused for the other.

Cortes hit the spotlight in 2012 when he performed on a tribute show in Madrid. Not only has he been able to flawlessly recreate Jackson’s hits and the choreography that went along with each song, but he has also recreated music videos. His success has not been easy though, as Cortes starting impersonating the singer at a very young age. It has taken many years for him to get to where he is at in terms of ability to impersonate accurately. Through continuous molding and altering his looks to match Jackson’s, Sergio Cortes is nearly indistinguishable. Most recently, Cortes has performed on American Idol and various other television shows throughout the world.

Cortes continues to mesmerize people through his performances and videos. Many are hoping for a tour to be arranged in order to impact the world and show individuals that Michael is still “here” in a tributing way. He places his responsibility on keeping the memories of Michael Jackson alive.