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Cassio Audi Moves From “Soldiers Of Sunrise” To Financial Success

Looking back at the career of Cassio Audi it is easy to see the financial expert has lived through two extremely successful careers as an investor and as a teenage heavy metal drummer. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cassio Audi was already a well-known drummer playing with two heavy metal bands when a group of friends asked him to join a new band heavily influenced by the work of British heavy metal pioneers such as Iron Maiden; with Cassio Audi installed on drums the band would become one of the most iconic in the world as the forebears of what has become the sub-genre of Brazilian heavy metal. Read more about Cassio Audi at

Despite their tender ages, the members of Viper showed so much musical skill the label Rock Brigade signed them to a deal leading to the recording of their debut album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Members of the band have spoken about the tight and punishing schedule the recording of their first album entailed creating iconic songs such as “Nightmares” and “Knights of Destruction” across the course of a single week. Read more at about Cassio Audi.

The success achieved by Viper in creating an album still classed as the first legendary recording the history of Brazilian heavy metal was sealed when industry magazines such as Kerrang! and Metal Hammer declared the album a critical success. A success sealed when the legendary British band, Motorhead invited Viper to support them in the wake of the success achieved through “Soldiers of Sunrise”.

By achieving almost instant success with Viper one would expect Cassio Audi to have become an iconic figure in Brazilian heavy metal; however, Audi quickly decided his musical career would come to a fast end as he returned to his studies in Sao Paulo. Now one of Brazil’s leading investment specialists, Cassio Audi has left his musical career behind but still remains a legend among heavy metal fans the world over.


Doug Levitt Looks Behind The Poverty Numbers In ‘The Greyhound Diaries’

As a former journalist and broadcaster, Doug Levitt is well aware of the way numbers and statistics can be used to reflect whatever side of a story works best for politicians and media professionals. However, the former CNN foreign correspondent has recently been looking to looks at the stories behind the poverty numbers that are well known in the U.S.; as one in 15 Americans live in poverty across the country Levitt has created his ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ artistic project in a bid to make sure the voice of the American people is heard in a number of different ways.


After setting out on a six week journey by bus during which he hoped to go behind the numbers often cited about poverty and get the the root of the stories of people of all classes and backgrounds who choose to travel by bus. ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ project has spawned two EP’s of songs, a book, and numerous live performances for Doug Levitt, but he feels his most important contribution is simply looking at the real life many news organizations based in major U.S. cities choose to ignore.


Discussing ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ the artists explains he soon discovered the wide range of backgrounds and social groups he could interact with on journey’s to different states that can take as a long as a trans Atlantic flight. Levitt believes his work shows the fact that the economically disadvantaged have no option but to travel by bus and share their experiences with others on long journeys regardless of age, race, or creed.


After studying at Cornell University and the London School of Economics Doug Levitt remained based in the U.K. as a foreign corespondent, but had earlier been inspired by the death of his father to follow his artistic interests. It was during his time in London that Doug Levitt began exploring music as a career before returning to the U.S. to embark on ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ from a new base in Nashville, Tennessee; Levitt’s work has attracted the attention of major music industry figures who have assisted in producing his musical output.