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All About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is an organization that was formed on 1st March 2015. The headquarters of the organization are located in Washington, DC. It has the aim and goals of ending the citizens united ruling. It has been seeking to raise the grassroots funding which can, therefore, be used to counterbalance flooding corporate cash which citizens united has unleashed.

The funding will be targeting the democratic candidates who are supporting the efforts that are doing away with supreme courts ramification decision. The state ballot passage which helps to limit corporate money influence especially in politics and campaign finance reform has continually advanced becoming a national political issue, is among the End Citizens United primary goals. The organization goals are having constitutional amendments which define the right of speech as bestowed upon citizens individually unlike the legal entities like corporations.

The belief that is underlying says that business operations will not be allowed in acting without regulations depending on the expenditure of campaigns in democratic elections. It is now that the organization is aiming the finance laws of a short-term campaign.It was in 2010 when U.S. supreme court made a decision between federal election commission and citizens united that brought shock waves to the entire American political system. It was about the long-term implications that are still developing yet court ruling opposing continue unabated which included End Citizens United which is a political action committee.

In each generation, there are handful court cases that end up altering the political ground where the nation stands. They become immediately controversial not only by the court ruling like Board of education and Brown in 1954. They also had other consequences that were progressing. In some cases, the ramifications are still in the play even today and have resulted in making American political culture change permanently.The End Citizens United may be in the ruling that will be remembered for long in the supreme court. It has an effective political that is profound that has been a deeply controversial decision which sparkled a push back to concerted politics.

As political organizations scramble in encountering political effects that belong to the Citizens United ruling and trying the legal way so that they overturn it.The case started back in 2008 from conservative group attempts by airing a film that was an hour long attacking Hillary Clinton during Democratic presidential primaries when she was a candidate. It ended up FEC concluding as the movie was a campaign ad. They couldn’t reveal who paid for airing cost even though federal laws needed the funding source.

It was two years later when Barack Obama was the president when the supreme court overturned the court ruling of federal where through the process it upended a century case law of campaign finance. The ruling had a profound and immediate effect.

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Three Tips to Help Coordinate a Successful Rally: According to NGP VAN

The First Amendment to the US Constitution is one of our most cherished. It is our guaranteed right to assemble and vocalize our opinions. Issues in our society today are compelling Americans to exercise this right more than ever.

Organized marches, protests and rallies are rapidly growing in popularity. NGP VAN is the entity that helps make them an organized success. Here are three tips to help to ensure your progressive rally accomplishes its objective.

The Right Venue

Causes worthy of public assembly are rapidly growing. The sheer volume of participants at these marches and rallies is astounding. If people are unable to hear a message, or feel comfortable participating, the rally will not reach its maximum potential.
To help make a rally successful, coordinators must pick the right venue. There needs to be room for the number of people attending. It is always best to overestimate attendance size, but at the same time trying to avoid a place so large the crowd appears small.

When the people have room to feel at least reasonably comfortable, the mood stands a far higher probability of being productive. NGP VAN helps progressive movements make certain they select the right venue.

Sound Equipment

If the individuals who are carrying the message at a rally cannot be heard, the message will not be adequately conveyed. Participants will not only be disappointed that the organizers did not consider this important part of the event.

These people may also tend to become disenchanted with the underlying cause itself. Rally coordinators must ensure that the those who speak can be heard. Take into account outside noise, the size of the crowd, and the acoustics of the environment.

It’s even recommended a sound expert be consulted to make sure an adequate sound system is chosen. A rally where the message can’t be heard will not be deemed a successful rally.

Market the Event

The best venue, with an elaborate sound system, still doesn’t guarantee a successful rally. NGP VAN uses online tools, software and other marketing techniques to help with attraction.

Printed material such as flyers and posters are great, but in today’s age of technology, taking advantage of social media and other Internet sources is essential. Social media pages are easy to work into the marketing plan.

Everything should have a common-link, such as a contact phone number or other option to correspond and ask questions. A good marketing structure shows sound organization, which leads people to see a cause that is serious.

There are some additional pointers for holding a successful rally. However, the venue, being heard and making people aware of the event are three critical tips to a strong event. NGP VAN offers a series of excellent tips to help organizers plan and coordinate a successful rally.

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The Generous Philanthropy Of George Soros Regarding The Open Society Foundation

Most people are familiar with the name George Soros. He has built a reputation as a major donor in Democratic politics, and as a successful hedge fund manager. He has recently made one of the largest private donations in history to the Open Society Foundations. The $18 billion gift has been made throughout the last few years but was kept quiet until recently. His donation has made Open Society the United States second largest philanthropic organization, the largest being the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This has also placed George Soros at the center of political social debates across the country.

George Soros founded the Open Society more than three decades ago, and the foundation promotes human rights democracy in over 120 countries. More recently, Open Society has begun focusing on the United States with programs protecting lesbians and gays from police abuse. In 2014 the organization aided centers treating Ebola, and protected the people of the United States from a wave of hate incidents occurring after the election of 2016. This led to a commitment of $10 million by George Soros to prevent the violence.

George Soros has been politically active, and his large donations to Democratic politicians have targeted him for criticism from the Republicans. The Vice President of Open Society is Patrick Gaspard, and he is scheduled to become President towards the years end. He stated the foundation had a new sense of urgency due to Donald Trump’s election as President.

George Soros knows what it’s like to live in a Nazi-occupied Hungary as a child. While Budapest was still controlled by communist rule in 1947, he left the country. He went to London, eventually finding success on Wall Street in the United States. He made $1 billion in 1992 when he made a bet against the British pound. His actions caused the government to devalue the pound.

George Soros became involved with human rights and democracy as his fortune increased. In 1984 he established the first location of the Open Society in Hungary. He became a substantial donor for the Democrats, gave millions to super PAC’s, opposed Donald Trump’s campaign, and bet he would lose the election. He funds Open Society with annual donations, and has increased his personal donations. According to the Wall Street Journal, the foundation receives $18 billion in endowments each year. The expectations are George Soros will contribute roughly $2 billion over the next few years. Since Open Society is already spending an annual amount of $900 million for their grants and programs, this amount is not expected to increase.

The fortune of George Soros is going to stay in familiar hands. Soros Fund Management already handles the personal fortune of the billionaire, and will additionally oversee the endowment’s investments for Open Society. George Soros still finds the time to remain involved in the work of the foundation. He has additionally had to deal with attacks coming from the prime minister of Hungary who was not pleased with one of the universities the Open Foundation chose to fund in Hungary.