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Dog Food Gets the Best Upgrade

The dog food world has become a lot better because there are so many different premium brands out there. More people are familiar with this dog food premium market because it has expanded to a new audience. There are more people that have dogs with ailments that actually require a better level of dog food.

When it comes to dog food brands, some pet food brands have become leaders while others are followers. Beneful has clearly emerged as the leader that others are now following. This is a Purina brand that has come forth with some high quality that is hard to match. The ground yellow corn and the gluten free meal that is used makes this a valuable brand for others to follow. I have seen how this brand is becoming even more creative with vegetables and fruits. I think that this is why my dogs love this brand so much.

The competition is heating up, and people have really started to research all the different brands that are out there. The Daily Herald reports that FreshPet is one of the fastest growing premium dog food companies around. More than 23 billion has been spent on dog food. That is why there is so much buzz about all the innovation that is surfacing. It is big business, and the Internet has made it possible for even more people to patronize the premium brands.

Dog food has transitioned in to many different ways, and I have been very impressed with the change. Honest Kitchen, for example, has managed to incorporate apples in some of their dog food products. IAMS So Good incorporates soybean meal in their products.

The brands keep increasing, but Beneful has remained among the best in the industry. This is the brand that has some chopped medleys and some chicken and beef. These are the types of ingredients that are going to be pertinent to a dog’s health. I have had some dogs with ailments, but Beneful has food like Healthy Weight and Beneful Radiance that help dogs. I appreciate what this brand has done for my pets.