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Envoy Integrates SCIM with OneLogin

Envoy and OneLogin are working together to make the user experience easier for the Envoy customers. IT admins will be especially thankful for this, because it will make the process of updating individual user access over many different applications a lot easier. They are implementing the System for Cross-domain Identity Management protocol to Envoy. This feature is available to Envoy Premium and Enterprise customers, and is simple to set up after adding the user provisioning connector in OneLogin’s application catalog.

SCIM enabled applications allow you to breeze through application rollout, because it synchronizes your user attributes from OneLogin’s directory. This makes the IT workers’ jobs a lot easier by allowing them to create and update company user profiles for all applications in one spot. OneLogin instantly syncs your data to the directory. So, any changes made to the directory are sent automatically to Envoy. It saves time, and improves security in the office.

So, why did they do it? To have a consistent format for user data, so they know what is available to work with as they grow. This gives them confidence to push forward, with the insight and control over how their product is carried out, and help their customers create a perfect experience for visitors. Normally there are many different people working to keep this information up-to-date, and with each application it adds more and more work. But no more extra work for these IT admins!

This seems like a big step for Envoy in the right direction, and OneLogin was happy to help. OneLogin is a cloud-based identity and access management provider focused on selling to business and organizations. It was founded in 2009 by brothers Thomas and Christian Pedersen. The company offers a variety of products, including Single Sign-On, Cloud directory, Web Access Management, Desktop Authenticator, and many more.