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White Shark Media Is A Solid SEM Outsourcing Company

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a method for promoting your business website that’s quite different than search engine optimization (SEO), in that instead of using website design and keywords in your website to appear in natural results, search engines are placing you in their display ads both in search results and on websites running their ads. SEM can sound simple in theory, but to really use it effectively you have to know the correct keywords, know what to bid on them, and make sure your ad campaigns are driving in traffic and yielding a high return on investment. That’s why White Shark Media can help you get the most out of these campaigns.


White Shark Media uses Google AdWords and Bing Ads to help small and mid-sized businesses get listed at the top of ads in search results. They are one of a select few companies that has earned a spot in Google’s SMB Partner Network, and the qualifications to get into this network are very strict. White Shark Media has teams of advisors and specialists who have experience working with AdWords and can get your campaigns performing at top level. They don’t just want you to settle for good SEM results, they want you to get the best results you can get with each campaign.


White Shark Media has an intricate system that they’ve improved over the years to better fit their customers’ needs. They no longer require you to open a new Google AdWords account if you already have one, they’ll work with you on your existing account and help improve its performance through advanced analytical technologies. They also have monthly review meetings by which they will take you through an in-depth look at what they’ve done to help improve campaigns, and discuss whether changes are needed or not. They even have call tracking technology to keep track of any leads coming through phone calls.


White Shark Media wants to make sure customers are pleased with their service, so they have a free evaluation session they offer. A specialist meets with you through during this session, and if you like what they offer for your AdWords campaigns, you can choose a plan that fits your needs and hire them immediately. If you’re still unsure or disinterested in hiring them, you’re free to walk away with information you gained during the evaluation. It’s definitely worth the time to signup for White Shark Media’s evaluation.