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A Reason To Celebrate For The Lake Tahoe Community As The Olympic Valley Incorporation Motion Fails.

If there is something that can greatly affect the economy of a region is the introduction of high taxes. High taxes affects the charges on goods and services offered in an economic environment, and thus, consumers end up buying less and even at times stop buying completely. Since consumers can no longer buy goods and services, the businesses will be forced to close down. This was going tho be the outcome of the Olympic Valley Incorporation motion on businesses in the Lake Tahoe region.The Olympic Valley was bound to lead to higher taxes in the region. This was going to lead to an increase in the price of goods and services offered in the area.

The Olympic Valley is a tourists destination that thrives solely on tourism activities. The area is full of five-star tourist resorts that serve tourists who visit the area. This resorts also give life to other local businesses which provide goods and services to either the resorts or tourists. This resorts also employ a large number of people from the Lake Tahoe region around the Olympic Valley. The Olympic Valley is known for its good natural ski terrains that are ranked number one worldwide. The area is also said to have the longest ski terrain running from mountain go mountain. Tourists who visit this area mainly come to participate in skiing activities. The Olympic Valley is also the number one winter destination.

The Olympic Valley Incorporation motion was strongly and relentlessly opposed by the Lake Tahoe community and other industry players in the region lead by Andy Wirth. He is the president, founder and owner of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. This firm owns and runs the Squaw Valley Ski Resort and the Alpine Meadows resort both in Olympic Valley and is a connected world longest ski terrain. He says that the timing of the incorporation motion was bad. Not only was it going to lead to higher taxes, but it was also going to deny the region access to social services. The incorporation motion came at a time when the Lake Tahoe region was undergoing a difficult time; the area was being faced with a four-year drought. This drought had badly affected tourism activities and led to the closure of resorts and other businesses in the area. But recently the drought passed and the seasonal winds set in early. Now, most of the resorts and other businesses have already opened. This season is going to be a very profitable season according to Andy Wirth.

Andy Wirth is the founder and the main donor of the Wounded Warrior Support. This is a charity organization that he started to help Navy Seals returning home get back to their normal lives. He is also the founder of the Crowdrise charity campaign that seeks funds from well-wishers to donate to the Navy Seals Foundation.

Source: the Reno-Gazette Journal