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Star Trek 3 is Now Star Trek Beyond

The director of the third Star Trek film, Justin Lin, has confirmed the rumored title to the new entry in the rebooted franchise. Star Trek Beyond is the official title. Reportedly, this was the title of the movie before Lin came on board. In all truthfulness, Star Trek Beyond is a really great title.

Details about the plot of the film are not known. Shooting only started recently. Other than the basic premise that Idris Elba plays the bad guy and makes things difficult for everyone, no other aspects of the plot are known.

We do know that Paramount wanted the tone of the new film to be less serious, but not to nerdy. Well, Paramount didn’t say “nerdy” outright but studio executives thought the original script wallowed a bit much in Star Trek geekdom. That might have worked years ago, but not these days. Fans want a fun film with thrills. Guardians of the Galaxy is a perfect example of such a movie. Rumor has it Paramount wants to copy some elements of the Marvel blockbuster. Hopefully, the new Star Trek movie will draw inspiration from Marvel’s approach but avoids outright copying anything.

Star Trek Beyond might prove to be a very prophetic title. PR Newswire tells that the series may be moving beyond what we commonly see in a Star Trek feature. The series may be moving beyond J.J. Abrams’ approach to filmmaking.

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters in July of 2016.