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Fans Want Better Images of Leto’s Joker

On Wednesday, June 10, a couple of unofficial snaps of Jared Leto’s Joker were released online. Although Leto proves in these photos that he can be scary with just one look, this version of the laughing villain still has many fans cringing — especially after they have seen actors who also cosplay, like Anthony Misiano, dressed impeccably as the more classic Joker who can still look good and be terrifying.

The biggest issue that many fans have with the Leto version is the tattoos all over his face and his street gang look that is tasteless even for modern street gangs, which includes a lot of cliche gold rings and necklaces. He also has bright lime-colored hair and red lipstick says Marcio Alaor BMG.

Some fans hope that the Leto’s costume is only how a younger Joker appears in flashbacks. Rumors though are that this is the “new” Joker look for the entire movie.

One good theory that is currently spreading around the Internet is that the bright hair and lip colors at least will be muted with camera filters.

No matter the movie’s outcome, film and comic book fans are demanding to see better “official” images of Leto’s Joker so they have some idea what to expect. Better images would help boost box office returns when the film comes out because fans will be less likely to complain about Leto’s appearance if they’re already prepared for it.