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Fabletics, The Revolutionary Athleisure Specialists

Fabletics is a women’s footwear, sportswear, and accessories retailer that only offers its services to online subscribers. Their merchandise is often referred to as athleisure. The company was formed to bridge the gap between fashionable and affordable female athletic wear. Most women had to choose between fashionable athletic wear and cheap athletic wear for a long time. Functionality was always compromised whenever purchase decisions were to be made. Regardless of all this, the consumption of athletic wear was at its highest in 2010. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were aware of these trends and that’s where the idea Fabletics came to conception. Don and Adam co-founded the company to create athletic wear that was stylish, practical, and affordable at the same time.

The revolutionary idea behind Fabletics focused on what women wanted. After vigorous consumer studies, Don and Adam realized that all sportswear companies had the same issues. They were either garish, too costly or non-functional. It was difficult for women to find fashionable and comfortable sportswear at an affordable price.

Don Ressler came up with the idea of working with Kate Hudson, a renowned actress, to be the face behind Fabletics. This strategy was aimed at specifically targeting women’s appeal due to Kate’s friendly and appealing personality. As the company’s spokesperson, Kate has managed to create a relationship with Fabletics customers in their masses. This was made possible with her media world appeal that enables her to communicate well with her fans. She always takes improvements on the brand’s presence to a personal level.

Don Ressler has been a valuable asset to Fabletics. He has taken the company through rough financial patches and the complexity of coming up with comfortable, fashionable, and affordable sportswear. Thanks to his relentless determination and past fashion industry experience, he and the Fabletics have managed to improve the sportswear industry. Fabletics has managed to come up with comfortable, fashionable, and high-quality products at an affordable price.

Don Ressler’s ideology regarding a strong online presence became fundamental in the online marketing of Fabletics. By using Kate’s charismatic nature and conversational skills, Fabletics has managed to successfully market its products online. For every VIP application, the company receives $50 a month. Becoming a VIP member enables customers to receive shopping discounts, reward points on purchases, and free shipping. This business model has proved to be a great income generation stream for the company. The company is also considering expanding its market by venturing into the plus-sized body category. This is aimed at sensitizing the importance of a healthy living.