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U-Turn on the Highway to the Danger Zone: Top Gun 2 in the Works

In 1986 audiences were wowed by a new movie about the Navy’s elite Top Gun school. It featured amazing shots of aerial acrobatics, battles and (spoiler alert) death. According to a recent report  after the success of so many of last century’s action movie re-boots this year another one is in the works: Top Gun 2.

The role of cocky young pilot Lt. Pete Mitchell, more appropriately known as Maverick seemed tailor made for the young Tom Cruise in the first Top Gun. Much like Maverick, Cruise was seen as a cocky young actor who never seemed intimidated for any role. He would sing “Old Time Rock and Roll” in his under-wear an play opposite screen legend Paul Newman in Scorcese’s underrated “The Color of Money” — which was a sequel to the classic 1961 film The Hustler.

Thirty years later, it is Cruise’s turn to be the elder statesman in a high-profile sequel to a classic film. Much of the speculation surrounding the new film has Maverick fighting drones but, since the script writing is still in the early stages, this aspect could be changed or expanded. While the use of drones has certainly been controversial in the past few years Hollywood has yet to jump into the fray with the exception of last year’s drama Good Kill. No word yet, says Sam Tabar, on how this topic will be presented in a potential blockbuster.