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Securus Technologies Drone Detection Technology The Best Defense to Drones for Prisons

Prisons have always faced the problem of smuggled goods. Inmates often get their hands on contraband items such as cell phones, drugs, cigarettes and even knives that would allow them to gain power in prison. It has often led to severe situations within the prison and outside of it. Inmates have used these items to blackmail the guards at prisons to do favors for them. If they deny, they or their loved ones are hurt. Thus, there has to be a way to stop these contraband items to find their ways into the prisons. But, first one needs to know the ways that these criminals are using to get these things smuggled inside.


One of the most modern and the latest way inmates are smuggling goods inside the prison is through advanced drones. When drones came into the market, they were used for specific tasks. But, today these drones have become much more sophisticated, lighter, faster and better. Just as the retail brands such as Amazon and Walmart are introducing drones into their delivery services, the criminals are way ahead of them. Criminals on the outside are helping their friends in prison by smuggling the goods they need inside using these drones. Since drones are very easy to find and can be bought from any nearby market or online, they are being used widely for such activities.


Securus Technologies is one of those few companies that are helping the prison industry to keep these drones away from the inmates. The company has recently introduced their drone detection technology that is completely foolproof and would not allow a single drone to breach the security of the prison. Securus Technologies has already begun their testing of the system in numerous prisons and are hopeful of the results that they are expecting from it.



Advance Facilities And High-Tech Technology

Technology is a booming industry.


It doesn’t matter how a brand or business contributes to the devices we’re using wireless technologies through. The only sure thing about these wireless technologies is that they are advancing. The progress of many of society’s public experiences is a result of the work someone is doing in the private sector.


We can think of ourselves as being generally safe because of private industries. These industries work to build the foundation of safety that a modern world needs to operate with. The exciting aspect of the safety-work done in the private sector is that it’s now taking into account Internet and wireless technology. Criminals are still accessing these wireless networks as the basis for crime.



You Won’t Find This Place On A Map


The Securus agency is a firm that works with the technology of private facilities and what facilities can do for their protection. Securus specifically operates with over 2,600 open contracts with the U.S. government. This agency can hold this platform in technology due to its unique oversight. The government facilities of the USA offer the Securus agency with data.


The firm then incorporates its data into a variety of solutions.


The concepts we see and hear about in a James Bond movie gives us the perfect example. Securus Technologies targets the technology tools that criminals use and then neutralizes them against criminal will. This often means that facilities Securus works with won’t be found on any map you have.



Protecting All We Have In Society


Security measures taken in the private world are needed for what we can experience in the public sectors. The life we live in the public world is exposed to major corruption if agencies like Securus Technologies don’t operate in full. The needs of technological security come with society’s rise in innovation and its use of technology.


This correlation offers Securus Technologies over 2,600 U.S. contracts and enables the agency to lead the private sector for security technologies. The Securus firm analyzes the major developments of technology in the world and turns them around into functional tools that we can use for greater protection.

Read Honest Comments and Testimonials About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the most well known providers of services to prisons for inmates. Their systems help improve security and help improve the civil justice system. They are relied upon by thousands of sheriff offices, correctional facilities, and law enforcement agencies. I know what you are thinking. You probably think that it is just another run of the mill company. The truth is that Securus has some of the most innovating technological solutions for prison systems out there. They have hundreds of patents, engineers, software experts, and many others who work to make sure that the technology from Securus is second to none.


They connect families with their loved ones, they help facilities stay connected and be on top of what is going on inside the prisons, and they do a lot more to help people out. It is based in Dallas. In case you were wondering how many people actually rely on Securus, the truth is that they service more than one million and two hundred thousand inmates. Then there are the family members that rely on them. Finally, they service around three and a half thousand law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities.


The truth is that the best way to find out if you will enjoy Securus is by looking at comments that other customers have made about the services they provide. So let us take a quick look at some of them. One law enforcement agency said that using the information that Securus provided them, they were able to discover a corrupt staff member who was dealing with illegal contraband. Another agency said that they were able to monitor calls and discover schemes relating to alcohol and drugs. For example, they discovered that a civilian was selling drugs at a discount. There are many other positive testimonials that I have seen on the web.


Securus Technologies Provides Comments From Satisfied Security Customers

Technology has impacted all areas of the business world. One of the areas where technology has made a huge impact is security. The use of technology has allowed many organizations to improve the level of security that can be provided for the organizations. The use of technology gives organizations the opportunity to assist security personnel in the efforts that they give related to security.


In many instances, the use of technology allows organizations to broaden its level of security and increase the level of security provided. In addition, technology innovations have improved almost every aspect of security. The innovations have helped to improve security items such as cameras, video, and communications that all work hand in hand to make security an integral part of daily operations.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that provides a variety of security technology related products and services. The company has many customers that operate in various sectors. Securus Technologies sent out a press release that list many comments made by its customers regarding the use of technology provided by Securus Technologies.


The comments provided many examples of how the technology provided by Securus Technologies allowed security personnel at the organizations to hear communications or see video that gave the personnel a clue that prevented security problems. Securus Technologies has a variety of security related products and services that organizations can use to help enhance security at the organizations.


Security is an important aspect of all organizations. However, for the users of technology provided by Securus Technologies, security is critical because many of the users operate in areas that affect the public such as corrections and public safety. The security operations in these organizations must be top notch.


Securus Technologies  has been a provider of technology related products and services for several decades. The company has an outstanding reputation in the technology industry.

Securus Technologies: Field Service Specialists Score Certification

According to a PRNewswire release, Securus Technologies announced that 11 of the company’s professional field specialists earned official, internationally-acknowledged BICSI Installer 1 certification. For readers who are unfamiliar with Securus or BICSI, here is some background information:


The Dallas, Texas -based company Securus is a major provider of civil and criminal justice technology for public safety, monitoring, investigation, and corrections. BICSI, a.k.a. Building Industry Consulting Service International is an industry organization that backs the ICT or information and communication tech field. The ICT includes audio/video tech, project management, electronic safety and security, data and voice tech.


Organizational members and those Individuals credentialed by BICSI maintain, manage, install, and design ICT equipment. The related work projects include wireless-based systems and infrastructure, copper and optical fiber- based distribution systems, spaces, specific pathways and other assigned areas. BICSI is reported to provide service to over 23,000 ICT professionals. BICSI specifically provides instruction, credentialing services, educational conferences and publications to people in almost 100 countries around the world.


The Senior Vice President, Operations for Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, said in a prepared statement:


“This made BICSI an ideal fit to meet our training needs and the ever-growing requirements and standards in technology,” adding, “This helps us ensure the highest level of performance and reliability for our corrections customers. Our certified specialists average 15 years tenure with Securus and install for customers across the nation.”


He stated: “We believe heavily in certifications and the value they bring to the largest and the most highly trained field services organization in the industry. This certification brings another layer of expertise to our customers.” The company is presently providing services to more than 1,200,00 prison inmates across the North American continent and over 3,450 corrections, law enforcement, and public safety agencies.


Securus Technologies Helps To Creates Intimate Bonds Between Inmates and Family Members

Securus Technologies has recently been discussed in various publications because of the company’s commitment to cutting edge technology with regard to the prison communications industry. Securus Technology has become the leading technology company in the United States prison industry largely because of the development of the innovative prison communications system that was launched by the company one year ago. This system makes it possible for inmates to video chat with their relatives and friends from various locations. Because of the launch of this innovative new video chat system, Securus Technology is currently being implemented in most of the prisons in the United States and Canada.

The success of the Securus video visitation system has been largely publicized. The launch of this product marked the first time that a video visitation system had been successfully implemented into the majority of the correctional facilities in North America. Because of the development of this product, inmates can now experience visitation with family members who are not local and with whom they could not ordinarily communicate. This new communication software has greatly increased the happiness and corporation of inmates all over the country. Inmates who were once greatly distanced from their loved ones are now able to communicate with them on a regular basis.

Since the implementation of the Securus video visitation system in North American prisons, correctional facilities have reported a positive correlation between inmates who use the system and beneficial behaviors. Inmates who engage in communication with family members through the Securus video visitation system report feeling closer and more intimate bonds with family members and close loved ones. These positive feelings often lead to a greater sense of hope in prisoners. Because of the development of the Securus video visitation system, many inmates have a more positive outlook on life than they held previously.

The developers of the Securus video visitation system have reported enormous success with the product’s launch in various state correctional facilities. Because of the huge success of the product, Securus Technologies has announced an expansion of the product launch into new and developing countries. Now that several correctional facilities have reported a positive effect on prisoner behavior after using the system, several countries have expressed interest in acquiring the communication system for their correctional facilities. The leaders of Securus Technology have announced that the software is expected to be implemented in correctional facilities in at least three new countries before the year’s end.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The Amazing New Inmate Visitation Technologies From Securus

Securus Technologies has been known around the world as one of the leaders in criminal justice technology for many years. Securus has recently developed a new mobile technology that has been making it much easier for family and friends to visit their loved ones while they are incarcerated. They have just released a very successful mobile app that allows inmates to video call with their loved ones right on their mobile devices. The app which was released earlier this year has already been downloaded close to 70,000 times according to PR Newswire. This shows that there is amazing growth potential for this app. The convenience that is provided to loved ones who use this app is phenomenal.
Securus is devoted to making the communication process more personal and less rigid for friends and loved ones of inmates. This Youtube similar mobile video calling app is a great way for inmates to share important events with loved ones. This mobile video calling app is a great way for individuals to feel as though they are able to be a part of their family’s lives without having to miss out on precious memories that they would otherwise not be able to experience.

Watch this video on Youtube.

Securus Technologies has been helping over a million inmates in nearly 3,500 correctional facilities connect with their loved ones for years. There are many different inmate communications companies out there that just do not meet the standards that Securus has placed in the market. Securus Technologies also helps with many other inmate services. The future looks very bright for Securus Technologies as they push forward into a new world of advanced leadership in the inmate services market. It will be very exciting to see the changes that take place in the company over the next few years. There are many inmates whos lives have been affected greatly by the amazing services from Securus Technologies.

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