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About the NutriMost Conflict With Healthy Living

I wanted to write a little today about a lawsuit that has been going on with a company called NutriMost. As you know, I’m a lawyer, and I’m overweight and have been for most of my life, this to me, this is a rather interesting story that I thought I’d discuss with you.

NutriMost has been a quite successful weightloss program for many individuals. It claims to help you lose 30 to 45 pounds in just 40 days, which is quite a miracle when you think about it. Well, there’s another company called Healthy Living that is trying to butt in on NutriMost’s idea for a weightloss program.

Healthy Living literally stole the ideas that NutriMost provides in its weightloss system. But they did more than just steal the principles and ideas. They actually stole content. In other words, they ripped off the video that NutriMost had on their website describing the program and put it on their own Healthy Living site.

Of course, they changed all of the references to NutriMost on the video, but the video is so obviously a ripoff. Anyone can see it. Healthy Living claims not to have known what happened, but NutriMost filed a suit with the Manhattan Court System, and had their lawyers send Healthy Living a cease-and-desist letter. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with this in court.

About NutriMost and What It Means to Me

NutriMost is a weightloss program that a few members of my family have used to help them drop pounds. You see, my family has had problems losing weight, and we’re all overweight.

We feel like collectively, we’ve tried everything. But with NutriMost, everything has changed. There are no gimmicks, no pills or shakes, and no pre-made meals. It actually works. I lost 20 pounds already!