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UKV PLC Gives Some Advice To Wine Collectors Exploring The Best In French Wines

The best in French wines are among the most sought after in the world with more than eight billion bottles produced on an annual basis the chance to find a high quality wine is available to almost everybody. UKV PLC are one of the top wine merchants in the U.K. and have recently been looking to give a brief explanation of what the unique labeling system of France means to collectors and merchants alike.

Each of the four main wine producing regions have their wines labeled by region instead of grape varieties as most have used the same production traditions and grape varieties for centuries, according to UKV PLC’s experts. A good example of this is the Burgundy region that is known for red wines, but also produces a number of high quality whites wine; Chardonnay grapes are traditionally used in the production of Burgundy whites, which allows an earthy and fruity tones to be found in some of the best loved wines in the world.

UKV PLC is a London based wine merchant that brings together wine experts who offer more than simply advice on the best wines to collect, drink, or use to create a perfect event. The ability of UKV PLC to provide advice on different wine varieties is just one service offered by the company, which also handles valuations and sales for collectors; wine collecting is now a global industry that has its home in the U.K. where UKV PLC can provide advice about storing wines safely and handling the taxation process for wines purchased through the London based vintners.

The Antique Wine Company: Authentic in Wine Production

Many people think that one has to be very sophisticated or classy, so as to enjoy the wines from The Antique Wine Company. In some situations, this might be true, but everybody can enjoy the wines despite the background.
The AWC was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, who really loved the taste of a good wine just like any other sommelier. The love of good wine can be one major factor that contributed to the success of the company. Ever since the company was founded, it has ensured that all its wines are authentic. The wine is handled with the utmost care so that sommerliers cannot face any disappointed. The verification of the company’s wine is done in a number of ways.
Any sommerlier knows that age is a very important actor when it comes to wines. Age is also one area that customers are cheated by a number of fraudulent wine companies. A thorough and careful process is done to make sure that a 15 year old wine, for example Furmint it’s not a counterfeit and it is actually of that age. For this reason wine from The Antique Wine Company go through ion beam analysis to verify their age. The beam can tell expert how old the wine and the glass are. The use of the beam is a scientific process so the margin of error is very minimal.
Another area where the wine is handled with utmost care is when it is being shipped. The Antique Wine Company has made sure that their customers who order through the online website do to not suffer at all. During shipping the wine is carefully concealed inside the package. Only quality shipments providers are contracted to do this job. This is because wine is very sensitive to room temperature, and its flavors can be easily get ruined. The outside temperature is also kept away from the shipment package.