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Top 3 Anime Girls Loved by Fans


All across the various genres of anime, you will find countless of female characters, but few are loved as much as the ones on this list. These anime girls have been popular through the years, regardless of whether their series ended ten years ago, or is still ongoing. Here is a list of the top three anime girls loved by fans.


  1. Faye Valentine

Even though the Cowboy Bebop anime series ended nearly twenty years ago, the show is still played on television as reruns and still talked about at anime conventions. Faye Valentine has a unique character design, and a flashy personality to match. What fans love most about her is her sassy and go-getting attitude. She fights and flies her space vehicle all while dressed in a tight, body revealing outfit. You can still find cosplayers dressed as Faye at conventions.


  1. Nami

One Piece is one of the longest ongoing series and features multiple character deaths. One infamous pirate who has managed to stay alive since the beginning of the show and is part of Luffy’s crew is Nami. She’s a busty girl who an expansive knowledge of the sea, navigation, and map reading. Nami has no devil’s fruit power, but she can still kick ass with her bo staff. You can find various products in both Japan and America featuring Nami’s face and signature red hair and bikini outfit, and she features in tons of great One Piece movies.


  1. Miku Hatsune

Arguably the most popular top anime girl across all of the world, Miku Hatsune has been featured in anime, her own manga, her Vocaloid products, her hologram concerts, and multiple products. Miku is the very definition of “moe” and both male and female fans love Miku beyond anyone else. After her debut ten years ago, Miku has been cosplayed by many fans. You can find MMD videos posted daily online featuring her image. She is found on a variety of products from face masks, snacks, underwear, and even hotdogs. When it comes to anime popularity contests, Miku Hatsune is the queen that reigns supreme.