George Soros – A Man Feared And A Philanthropic Giant

George Soros is a Hungarian-American billionaire who created the Open Society Foundations. He began the Foundation over 30 years ago and has funded many worldwide causes that promotes human rights, justice, equality, health inclusion, and government accountability. Other causes have included his financial support of medical research, fight hate crime violence, art projects, protect the LGBT communities, youth outreach programs/education, and to eliminate law enforcement abuses. To keep the Open Society Foundations operating permanently, Mr. Soros has made annual contributions throughout the years since its creation. In 2017 it was revealed that Mr. Soros transferred an $18 billion gift to the Open Society Foundations. Mr. Soros was criticized for making this gift to his own Foundation. His gift makes it the largest philanthropic Foundation ahead of the Ford Foundation and the second largest nonprofit ahead of the Gates Foundation.

Speaking of criticisms of Mr. Soros, there has been lots of conspiracy rumors concerning his philanthropic gifts, especially in the field of politics in the U.S. and around the world. He has been associated with right-wing conspiracy theories when he supported the Black Lives Matter, the Antifa Movements, the white-nationalist rally in Charlottesville, the NFL protest, and the Women’s March. Mr. Soros has been theorized to have led H.R. McMaster fire President Donald Trump’s national security adviser and other right aligned staffers. Even Roy Moore accused George Soros of paying women to accuse him falsely of sexual assault. Mr. George Soros stated that since 1992, when he made a billion dollars by bilking the British pound, he has been accused of many conspiracies.

As benevolent as Mr. Soros is on many fronts, he is further castigated for a paper he wrote entitled “The Capitalist Threat.” George Soros writes that he made his money in the financial industry, but it is his fears that the capitalism theory of letting things take their own course and increasing market values into all aspects of life is endangering our open and democratic society. Mr. Soros writes about why he called his Foundation the Open Society. He called his Open Society Foundations by this name because of his experience with Nazi persecution and his oppressive Communist background. He knew as a result that he believed totally in an ‘open society.’ Mr. Soros’ Capitalist Threat paper entails his thoughts on the philosophy of Karl Popper, the many movements foundations he supported in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, China, and the Soviet Union between 1980 and 1984. Further Capitalist Threat topics included the rise of communism, economic theories, social Darwinism, and his theory that too much competition and too little cooperation causes inequities and instability within an open society.

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