Glen Wakeman, Wakes People Up

Glen Wakeman is an author, entrepreneur, start up activist, and key leader when it comes down to helping small companies not just survive the storms of early business ventures but also thrive in the economic world. Glen is known for his style of listing out advice and tips for the growing and budding business owner. He gives credit to his curiosity which he repeatedly states is his main character strength when it comes to working through problems, moving up to the next level economically, and ultimately to give out the customer satisfaction which is integrated in his work and life as a conductor of business (Glenwakeman). Glen Wakeman had humble beginnings as a janitor for an auto body shop bathroom which he described as filthy, unsanitary, and run down. It was just the beginning for Glen Wakeman and it helped him push through his time studying at a university where he’d plant ideas in his mind about different business ventures and opportunities in the very real world of money. He has since concluded that ideas are just ideas, not plans, which is what his line of business entails as he helps start up companies get past the preoccupation and hype of a mere idea to ultimately formulate a plan, hence a solution and strategy for massive success. Glen Wakeman’s daily routine consists of reading over his financial statement to see what general decisions are to be made according to what the numbers say. He then proceeds to consult his associates and business affiliations about those very decisions to brainstorm a viable solution to back the numbers. Then the day continues on with the functions his current business systems take on like answering emails and checking in on competition in order to give his company the winning edge. The day typically ends with tea or coffee, and as these days progress you could say Glen Wakeman Wakes People Up.


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