Highland Capital Management: An Alternative Investments Giant with Unusual Philanthropic Drive for Community Matters

When it comes to global alternative investments, Highland Capital Management stands tall amidst competitors. The company specializes in various forms of alternative investments including long/short equities, emerging markets and natural resources. Highland is one of the most experienced global alternative credit managers around the globe. Its credit strategies cover long-only funds, separate accounts, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, and special-situation private equity.

Founded in 1993 by two business moguls, James Dondero and Mark Okada, the company is a popular SEC-registered investment adviser with affiliates that controls assets worth $15.4 billion under management. Its list of diversified clients’ base includes high net-worth individuals, governments, public pension plans, and endowments. Others are fund of funds, corporations, financial institutions, and foundations. Highland has offices in Singapore, Seoul, Sao Paolo, New York and Texas, the headquarters.

Highland is not only driven by the zeal to make profits, it also has unusual drive to better the lots of the communities where its employees reside. The company understands that touching the world starts from improving the immediate societies. Some credit must be given to the team of philanthropic service experts led by Mary Jalonick who oversee The Dallas Foundation. Over the years they have been able to get the most from the company’s annual philanthropic budget which in excess of $3 million.

To Highland Capital, charitable donations to communities are another form of investment just like investing in financial markets. The dividends may not come in the form of cash, but having a peaceful and happy community for employees and clients is something priceless. Some of the channels through which the company is making tremendous difference in the community include financial donations, volunteerism and advisory board involvement. The proofs of Highland’s community philanthropic works are undeniable having spent over $10 million for this purpose since 2005.

One of the many nonprofit making organizations that has benefited from Highland charitable giving is the Family Place. Highland got wind of the organization’s Legacy Campaign jeered towards supporting victims of family violence in Dallas and gave out a $1 million challenge grant. With $2.8 million left to meet a targeted $16.5 million fund-raising goal, the Highland’s grant proved helpful in making the campaign a huge success.

Highland does not go around bragging that it cares for the immediate communities and the world at large, the company allows it actions to speak. You only need to visit these communities to confirm that action speaks louder than words.

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