Highland Capital’s Years of Success

When it comes to credit management, Highland Capital has been on top of its game for more than 20 years of its existence. It has grown to become one of the largest corporations in the industry. Back in the year 1990, the beautiful story of Highland Capital began to be written. James Dondero and Mark Okada came together to form a venture in conjunction with the Protective Life Insurance Corporation.

The venture that was created had its specialty in the fixed income market and the management of secured bank loans. Three years down the line, the investment metamorphosed to become a Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO). The founding partners owned 40 percent of the company while the investment advisors owned 60 percent.

When the company began to take off in the year 1997, both James Dondero and Mark Okada bought the shares at PAMCO owned by Protective Live. Together they came up with Range Asset Management, an autonomous advisor listed with SEC. Within a year, the company changed its name to Highland Capital Management. The Highland Capital has achieved much since its formation. It was able to launch its very first bank loan fund and also came up with an alternative investment act platform in the year 2000. The expansion of the company continued in the year 2004 when it acquired floating rates from Columbia Asset Management.

Today, Highland Capital stands tall as an independent investment firm that has more than two decades of experience in the provision of solutions to both individual and institutional investors. The organization has more than 180 employees. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. It has affiliate companies in Sao Paulo. Seoul, New York City as well as Singapore. The customers of Highland Capital are diverse. They include corporations, financial institutions, pension plans, governments, as well as high net worth persons.

Highland Capital looks into the strategies as well as asset classes before adding any value to the investors by giving them access to asset class or skills. Many people consider Highland Capital as one of the most experienced alternative asset management firm, which continuously improves on the investment systems. Highland Capital is unique since it produces investment solutions.

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