How Luiz Carlos Trabuco Improved Bradesco

The banking industry in Brazil is changing drastically. Customers are demanding more products and services than ever before. At one time, Bradesco was once a struggling bank about to go bankrupt. When Luiz Carlos Trabuco became CEO, few people thought that he could turn the company around. Read this article at Glamurama.

He made drastic changes to the business model to improve sales and profits. Instead of firing employees to save money, he invested capital in hiring the best workers possible. The turnover rate at Bradesco plummeted, and the company was able to improve financial results.

Farming Loans

The economy in Brazil is based on agriculture. However, most farmers struggle to get any capital from banks. Few banks want to deal with small loans to farmers who do not have a strong credit history.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco saw this as a business opportunity. He developed a lending program for new farmers in Brazil. Although delinquency rates are higher than most loan programs at Bradesco, the farming program has been an enormous success. Luiz Carlos Trabuco grew up in a low-income area of Brazil, and he is focused on helping people increase their income.


Buying Banks

Luiz Carlos Trabuco also has plans to expand Bradesco by purchasing smaller banks throughout the country. Multiple banks are in a financial crisis, and acquiring another company is a proven way to increase sales. However, Luiz does not want to increase Bradesco’s debt by making an acquisition.

Future Goals

Luiz has announced that he plans to retire from Bradesco in the coming months. Although he enjoys leading the company, he wants to spend more time with his friends and his family. He is excited about traveling the world. Finding a new CEO is a process that takes months to complete. The company is interviewing both internal and external candidates. Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at Crunchbase.

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