Jeff Schneider: A Leader with a Legacy

Not every person will leave a legacy. In 2018, it takes work and influence to create a legacy , others will want to emulate but Jeff Schneider feels confident he will accomplish this through leadership, listening, and learning. To him, they all go hand in hand. Being a good leader requires excellent listening skills to learn about your team and to understand their needs. Jeff Schneider feels that by sponsoring employee health and wellness anyway he can he is learning about his team. He looks forward to meditating alongside his team, providing them with stress relieving acupuncture and massages, and talking to them about making healthy choices inside and outside the workplace. In doing so, he strengthens his team from the inside out.

The legacy of Schneider is all about health and wellness. He wants everyone around him especially his business team to look and feel their best, because to Jeff the old adage rings true: when you look your best, you do your best. Studies show that this is actually true in that individuals who exercise regularly as part of their wellness program are less likely to request sick leaves than those who do not exercise at all, so Jeffry implements wellness plans at his office. Wellness programs communicate to employees that their overall health is important to their employers and reinforce positive attitudes towards working for the company. Jeff relishes leading his company and looks forward every day to working with the team. Jeff strives to create a positive work environment that empowers employees to focus on the task at hand while working efficiently . Jeff fosters this by implementing companywide wellness programs and maintaining a friendly, open office culture.

Jeff’s legacy also encompasses helping others. He volunteers his time at all kinds of charities including Wonders and Worries, the Gazelle Foundation, and the Cherokee Home for Children. While he prioritizes  charity, Jeffry is also firmly  committed to personal wellness programs. For this reason, Jeffry Schneider stands out in a crowded world of dedicated professionals, many of whom use their busy schedules as excuses to not prioritize their health. Jeffry Schneider, longtime supporter of personal wellness, understands and values the variety of positive health effects accompanying  a relaxed office.

Jeff keeps his eye and energy on his giving mission and is ever-ready to continue his philanthropic impact. Knowing and appreciating that every day is a present and an opportunity to help another human being, he puts others first, attempting to make our society a better place in which to live. For more info, visit his Facebook page.

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